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IMD Business School Sets Course to Help Businesses Transform Digitally

New program designed to "AMP" up companies' digital futures

March 24, 2015

IMD announces the launch of a new open enrollment program, Leading Digital Business Transformation (LDBT), which will begin in September 2015.

"There is a great deal of hype these days about 'digital transformation'. Unfortunately, the term has been inconsistently defined and unevenly applied, and thus most measures to address it have been unsuccessful," said IMD professor Mike Wade, LDBT program co-director.

IMD intends to change that with the new Leading Digital Business Transformation program, which will help leaders bring about organizational change through the use of digital technologies and improve their companies' performance.

The five-day program is intended for business leaders and senior managers from all sectors to help them AMP up their organizations through the use of: Analytics and big data, Mobile technology, digital Platforms and social media.

"Digital innovations such as big data and analytics, cloud and mobile solutions, social media and the Internet of Things are changing the dynamics of competition across industries," said Wade. "Business leaders know they must transform their organizations in response, but they do not know how. Our program will show leaders and managers why they need to transform their business, what they need to do, and most importantly, how they can do it."

Digital business transformation is moving steadily through the economy. Certain industries have been on the vanguard of this change. Other industries are not far behind. Eventually, all sectors of the economy will be transformed and digital will just become the 'new normal'. However, until that point, organizations will need to come to terms with what digital business transformation means to them, and how to take the appropriate action.

The new IMD Leading Digital Business Transformation program will help leaders guide their companies on a digital journey towards true organizational change.

The first session of the program, co-directed by IMD Professors Don Marchand, Misiek Piskorski, and Mike Wade will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland from September 28 to October 2, 2015. The second session will be held in Singapore from November 23-27, 2015.

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