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IMD Scholarship Foundation announces new MBA scholarship

June 2, 2009

The IMD Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce a new IMD MBA scholarship that will be awarded to support an individual coming from an emerging country and who works either as a social entrepreneur or for an NGO. The aim of the scholarship is to increase the class diversity and learning experience and to support a participant who otherwise would not be able to attend the IMD MBA program.

The IMD Scholarship Foundation is supported by alumni fundraising efforts. The criteria were defined by the alumni representatives on the Selection Committee: Bo Risberg, MBA 1990; Patty Dimond, MBA 1993; and Armin Mäder, MBA 2002.

"This is a unique opportunity for an individual who otherwise might not be able to attend the IMD MBA program," stated the Selection Committee. "This person will truly bring a different perspective to the class. We believe it will also make a difference when the candidate returns to his or her home country to apply the learnings gleaned from the IMD experience."

The Selection Committee is looking for qualified candidates from emerging countries who have a passion to make a contribution to society through socially responsible leadership. Specifically, a candidate must have financial need, meet the admission requirements of the program and have the following attributes:

- currently work as a social entrepreneur or for an NGO in his or her home country or region with 4-10 years work experience

- made a significant contribution to the local environment, country or society in general

- possess leadership characteristics and the ability to have a significant impact in a class situation

- demonstrate passion and a commitment for socially responsible leadership and a desire to return to his or her home country or region after IMD.

The target countries for this scholarship include (but are not limited to) Africa, Latin America, China and India. The IMD Scholarship Foundation will provide for living expenses and IMD will contribute Sfr 45,000 toward tuition. The selected candidate must contribute the additional tuition through savings or a loan.

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