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IMD professors to help companies weather the volatile currency storm

January 27, 2015

The recent decision by the Swiss National Bank to end the franc’s peg to the euro and the following quantitative easing announced by the European Central Bank have major implications for Swiss and international businesses which are scrambling to figure out how to cope with the shock.

On Thursday 12 February, IMD will hold an event focused on how companies and organizations can react titled “Currency tsunami: Adapting your business to high volatility environments”.

Ten IMD professors will discuss what businesses can do to face these new uncertain times. IMD experts of finance, leadership, competitiveness and political economy will discuss the pros and cons of various measures businesses can take such as cost cutting, price cutting, hedging, asset transferring and more.

In addition to presenting their views on companies’ reactions to currency volatility, the IMD professors will tackle individual questions from members of the business community gathered through a survey ahead of the event.

Professor Nuno Fernandes recently said in the media: “This has been a massive avalanche for corporate Switzerland. For companies with international operations their earnings will be lower. Companies that make products in Switzerland, and rely on exports, will have a hard time avoiding losses.”

“What about the Swiss domestic economy and stock markets – especially companies whose main business is exporting to the Euro area? Has the SNB done the correct thing?” Professor Arturo Bris questioned in a recent article.

How will your company react?

Find out more and join us at IMD on 12 February.

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