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World’s first interactive practitioner’s guide for sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials

June 5, 2015

Climate change, increasing pressure on natural resources as well as continuing poverty and social inequity are affecting crops and water supply globally. These trends present increasingly significant risks – and at the same time also innovation opportunities – for companies in the food and beverage (F&B) value chain. F&B companies are among the world's largest purchasers of agricultural raw materials. In response, many of these players have set ambitious sustainable sourcing goals and are working on implementation.

IMD, together with several other international organizations, co-launched the world's first practitioner's guide to sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials in 2013. The ambition was to make available an open source innovation tool that captures, in a single document, real-life best practice and experiences from global corporations within a strategic, business logic-focused framework.

Today, IMD and its three partner organizations are launching a revamped, improved and now also interactive practitioner's guide to sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials. It is a go-to, one- stop-shop, state-of-the-art global resource for companies committed to effective sustainable sourcing.

Taking on board recent developments and new sustainable sourcing best practices, the new guide has been entirely revised and updated and now includes new practical tools, real-life examples and illustrations. This now on-line sustainable sourcing resource empowers companies and their managers by providing a user-friendly step-by-step roadmap to developing and rolling out sustainable agriculture sourcing programs effectively.

Hans Jöhr, Corporate Head of Agriculture for Nestlé S.A., who made a keynote speech at the recent launch of the interactive guide at IMD, commented: "The real innovation here is having the entire procurement community on the same page around sustainability for the first time. The guide is a benchmark helping companies to shape their practices in sustainable sourcing for the years to come, but also to embed sustainable sourcing in their brand promises". Dr. Aileen Ionescu-Somers, Director of the CSL Learning Platform at IMD said that the guide was also the baseline research for an IMD Master Class in Building Sustainable Value Chains; a dynamic innovation hub where participants learn while pooling and sharing their knowledge with other participants.

The guide's revision is the fruit of a collaborative effort by a number of global organizations that are all active players in promoting sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials: the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) platform, the CSL Learning Platform of IMD's Global Center for Sustainability Leadership, the International Trade Center, and the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH).

Click here to see the interactive Practitioner's Guide for Sustainable Sourcing of Agricultural Raw Materials

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