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Forum on trends in business hosted at IMD’s Southeast Asia Executive Learning Center

5 challenges business leaders should be aware of

What are some of the mega trends that are making an impact on enterprise performance?

A group of senior executives from top Asia-Pacific companies recently came together at IMD's Southeast Asia Executive Learning Center to exchange their thoughts on future business challenges.


The Senior Executive Roundtable session particularly looked at what kind of leadership skills business leaders need for the digital age and how to continuously create customer value in today's emerging markets.

The roundtable was led by IMD's President, Dominique Turpin, who highlighted the various macro trends that are shaping today's competitive landscape.

"Megatrends are transformative forces that impact the way we make decisions and also drive us to re-examine our business models. While each of these megatrends seems to have independent dynamics, they are interrelated and influence one another," he said.

Continuing, Turpin outlined 5 key trends that leaders need to be aware of and prepared for.

Thus a third trend to watch is that urbanization will continue to increase fast. This will create numerous business opportunities for companies in the energy, infrastructure, and other sectors.

Engaging in the discussion, business leaders attending emphasized the need for businesses to continue to invest in innovation and relentlessly focus on solving the customers' 'headaches' beyond their needs and wants.

A souvenir of the gathering was presenting in the form of a visual graphic highlighting the major points discussed.

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Dominique Turpin is the Nestlé Professor and President of IMD. He co-directs IMD's Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) program, taking place in Singapore 16-20 November 2015.

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