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Diving deep into your strategy

The deep dive approach helps Advanced Strategic Management participants develop their strategy

IMD’s Advanced Strategic Management (ASM) program helps senior leaders develop and execute a strategy for their business challenge. The program includes a range of learning experiences that support this process and build specific skills. One approach is the “deep dive” – where participants gain insights and advice from IMD Faculty and each other on how to best address their particular situation.

“A deep dive is a powerful way for a group to brainstorm ideas and solve a problem,” explained ASM Program Director Albrecht Enders. “During the deep dives in ASM, each participant is able to draw on the wealth of experience of IMD Faculty and their peers in the program – a diverse group of experienced executives from different industries and countries. This gives them a unique opportunity to define and test their strategy in a global context, something that’s virtually impossible to do within their own company.”

IMD spoke with participants at the end of a recent ASM session to find out what they appreciated about the experience.

“I was exposed to a storm of fresh ideas throughout the entire program,” said Jose Luis Garcia Montes, Development Project Manager at Helicopters Military based in Spain. “The diversity and the level of the participants were extremely relevant for me.”

Christiaan de Klerk, Executive Director of PPS Insurance in South Africa, said the opportunity to debate and discuss business issues as well as to be challenged by faculty to think more broadly and outside of the box will help change the way he works once he’s back in the office.

Svetoslav Atanasov, Director General at Coca Cola in Bulgaria echoed this. “We had great exchanges among all of the participants. IMD’s faculty were experienced and impressive. The strategy and leadership insights will really help me when I am back at the office.”

“I was happy to meet people from all over the world and discover that they had similar challenges,” said Dadi Valdimarsson, Vice-President and Managing Director at Promens Dalvik EHF in Iceland. “We learned from each other.”

Dadi also commented on the overall experience. “It was great to get out of the whirlwind for three weeks and have 100% of my time to focus on developing and enhancing myself as an executive and a person.”

“The program inspired me to think big again. I fell in love with learning again,” added Roman Reichelt, Head of Migros Brand Marketing from Switzerland.

Angelo Facchinetti, Investment Director at Equinox in Luxembourg, summed it up: “It was a great program. The experience really changed my mindset about the future, both professionally and personally”.

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The next session takes place February 29-March 18, 2016.

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