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A new article on the award-winning IMD/Novartis case

The case was the overall winner of the 2013 EFMD Case Writing Competition

October 22, 2014

EFMD, the Brussels-based management development network, has published a new article by IMD Professor Donald A. Marchand and Anna Moncef about the award-winning "SMS for Life Case Series."

SMS for Life is a Roll Back Malaria partnership initiative led by Novartis that started in 2008. The case series shows how technology can improve supplies of life-saving anti-malaria drugs in sub-Saharan Africa. It also highlights the inspirational leadership and commitment of Jim Barrington, the former chief information officer (CIO) of Novartis. By motivating others to work toward an elegantly simple solution, Barrington helped to generate major social impact and also business value for his company.

The new article summarizes the SMS for Life story, discusses the key learning points and suggests ways in which the case series can be taught.

"The critical thing is to try stepping into Barrington's mind and shoes. Students can then try to understand his motivation and focus in taking on this unprecedented project and finding a workable solution," Marchand said.

The article appears in the latest issue of EFMD's Global Focus magazine, and you can read the PDF version here.

The case was previously chosen as the "Best of the Best" from the 2013 edition of the EFMD Case Writing Competition. The case was therefore the overall winner of the competition, following its success in the Responsible Leadership category.

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