How to Find an Effective Leadership Training Course?

“Leadership training course”: if you just googled that, chances are you’re a manager who’s feeling ready to move forward in your career, and is looking for a leadership training course to prepare you for this move. IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, offers the following Q&As about such courses and what to look for.

Leadership Training Course

Q. Is there a right time to take a leadership training course?

A. You’ll have the chance to jump forward at several different points in your career - and there are courses designed to target each particular transition. For example, IMD’s Program for Executive Development (PED) is designed for executives with about 10 years of business experience who want to prepare for general management. The program transforms these future global leaders by strengthening their core operational abilities and leadership qualities and inspiring them to make a difference.

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Q. How can a leadership training course help me beyond what I can learn on the job?

A. On-the-job learning is extremely beneficial. (In fact, if you are not continuously learning in your job, it’s time to move on.) But, especially if you stay within the same field or the same company, you can be held back by tunnel vision. A leadership training course can help you become a more strategic, action-oriented leader by:

  • Helping you to practice and perfect your leadership skills
  • Strengthening your core operational abilities
  • Complementing your skills with insights from other industries and global markets
  • Helping you develop concrete action plans to make a positive impact on your career, your organization, and the world.

Q. What distinguishes a high-quality leadership training course?

A. If you want a course that will make a lasting impact on your career, it’s crucial to look for effective program design. IMD can certainly provide that – the school’s 100% focus on executive education ensures that each leadership training course is innovative, perfectly on-target for the managers it’s designed for, and with concrete outcomes.

In the case of the Program for Executive Development, for example, you’ll find a logical step-by-step process to help you integrate your learning. In addition to the two modules at IMD, you go beyond your comfort zone through a discovery trip to an emerging market, a self-defined project, and an optional job exchange. The take-home relevance is reinforced throughout - your project will lead to action plans on your real-life vision. Most critically, you get your hands dirty and livethrough the entire experience, rather than just passively receive knowledge.

Effective design also includes the course’s structure - which plays a significant role in making the course doable or not. The modular structure of the Program for Executive Development allows you balance your busy career with your future ambition - not only can you choose the timing of the two modules at IMD, but also which Discovery Expedition you join. Such flexibility makes it much more likely that you’ll gain the maximum benefits from a leadership training course.

Leadership Training Course

Q. What should I expect from a leadership training course?

A. IMD’s Program for Executive Development will prepare you to push your limits, take on challenges, and become an impactful leader at the general management level. It will strengthen your leadership qualities - as well as the essential operational skills that general managers need to be effective. You’ll gain a deep understanding of global trends and new markets. You’ll create immediate value for your organization. And you’ll be inspired to create the future you want.

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