Marketing Management - your learning journey

This online course is 8 weeks long. It's long enough for you to apply to your own working context what you learn and gain a deeper understanding of value-based marketing.


Over the 8 weeks of courses, here's what you will learn:

Week 1: Learn

Learn how to navigate the platform and introduce yourself to the other participants. Discover the links between marketing, strategy and finance. Learn how to calculate marketing ROIs and “breakevens”, and how to distinguish between four marketing roles.

Week 2: Discover

Discover how to calculate CLV and examine how it takes future cash streams into account. Explore the causal link between CLV and decision-making and understand how understanding CLV facilitates better marketing decisions that drive revenue and profitability.

Week 3: Study

Study four key metrics: revenue market share; market share value; market saturation; and market penetration. Look at three dimensions of competition: product leadership; customer intimacy; and operational excellence. Consider how to define a market.

Week 4: Reflect

Reflect on the idea that customers buy products and services to get a job done and explore what this means for product development in B2C and B2B companies. Look at the three key roles of customers and how to gather customer insights.

Week 5: Observe

Observe how to work with customers to co-create value. Explore what co-creation means and how it is different from simple value creation. Think about what this means for innovation. Look at how to provide customer solutions more successfully.

Week 6: Examine

Examine the concepts of brand and value proposition and their role in communicating value to customers. Learn how to communicate value by developing and articulating a clear, concise and compelling value proposition.

Week 7: Reflect

Understand where capturing value, sometimes called pricing, fits in the marketing process. Learn about valuebased pricing and discover the four capabilities that organizations must develop to achieve pricing excellence.

Week 8: Understand

Identify how to organize for value-based marketing to gain a better understanding of the capabilities needed for marketing success. Consider marketers as architects of market-related capabilities. Examine five marketing performance success factors and learn how to measure organizational marketing capabilities.