Marketing Management - Your Learning Journey

Unit 1: Marketing's value to the firm

  • Understand the links between Marketing, Strategy and Finance
  • Analyze marketing ROI and break-evens
  • Explore the 4 roles of the marketer

Unit 2: Customer lifetime value & competing for value

  • Focus on Customer Lifetime Value and how to calculate it
  • Review of marketing metrics and the different dimensions of competition
  • Optimize decision making to drive revenues and profitability
  • Look at different market definitions and their application to achieve greater value

Unit 3: Understanding customer value

  • Examine the “Job to be done” approach to purchasing drivers
  • Apply this approach in both B2C and B2B settings
  • Gather customer insights

Unit 4: Co-creating & communicating value

  • How to work with customers to co-create value
  • Provide customer solutions more successfully
  • Communicate value using brand and value propositions

Unit 5: Capturing value & organizing for value-based marketing

  • Review value-based pricing and the capabilities required to achieve pricing excellence
  • How you can organize for value-based marketing
  • Gain a better understanding of the required capabilities for marketing success and how to measure it
Marketing Research
Improve marketing contribution

Real Impact Marketing helps decision-makers to improve their Marketing Contribution Impact by aligning customer insights, value co-creation, value communication, and value capture.

A marketing tool to improve online shopping experience or to trick the customer?

Cognitive biases have been used in marketing for a long time – often unknowingly. As engagement with customers increasingly moves online, cognitive biases offer new opportunities for marketers.

Business strategy and supply management

The case outlines the bold and polarizing strategic choices made by The Macallan management between 2009 and 2017 and offers an opportunity to debate and discuss the next best strategic move for The Macallan brand.

A Unilever internal venturing effort

UI was started in Singapore by Unilever veterans to substitute the rather inefficient operating companies’ (OpCos) export units with a dedicated group focused on exploiting the group’s “white spaces”.


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