A dynamic campus in the international environment of Lausanne

Thrive in our unrivaled eco-system

Switzerland is the leading country for innovation (Global Innovation Index 2017 rankings) and is home to technology and research programs such as CERN and the EPFL Blue BrainProject. The Lemanic Arc region is known as the health, wealth and technological valley and is also home to international institutions, NGOS and sports federations such as the WEF, Red Cross and IOC.

Benefit from a state-of-the-art campus

IMD hosts a family business center, world competitive center and the CISCO Research Chair on Digital Disruption. Our MBA auditorium and administration offices are conveniently located close to the information center and fully-equipped study rooms which are allocated to each team. You will have access to MBA specific video-conferencing facilities, a power-nap room, and a kitchen area as well as IMD's top-ranked restaurant, friendly cafeteria and sports facilities.



home to many pharma and multinational headquarters


one of the main global financial centers


recognized for its growing fintech eco-system and thriving startup hub

Campus life

Collaborative, Open and Pioneering - we put a strong emphasis on the development of individuals in a group setting and on creating an environment where you can focus on your learning experience. 

A close-knit community combines diverse connections with personalized attention. We welcome 8,000  executive participants on-campus each year, and have a 1:2 Faculty MBA ratio which enables professors to get to know you, your profile and your aspirations.

The inspiring lake and mountain views, vibrant local festivals and active outdoor life add to the overall experience. Skiing, biking, lakeside BBQs, water sports and fondues are just some of the popular options.

A collaborative and global community
exceptional professional facilities
an inspiring and safe environment

IMD is a one-year boot camp of self-discovery and leadership development. The school created a safe environment that allowed me to try new things, explore myself, and stretch my potential beyond what I was aware of.

Yiorgos Mavromatis

MBA 2015, Greek
Consultant, McKinsey and Company, Switzerland

Life with partners

About half of our MBAs are couples, and whether you both relocate or not, this is a joint journey. An Integration Program helps your partner to settle in, develop a mutual network and plan for the year ahead.

The multilingual environment is also a great place for children. In two steps, you are on the lakeside beach, can find playgrounds and parks.

This year at IMD was a life-changing journey for both of us. While my wife studied and changed careers, I paused my own career to take care of our 2 year-old daughter, learn to fly a plane and freelance on the side!

Marc Chauvet

MBA 2013, Australian/French