Five things to know about the best one year MBA

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One Year MBAA one year MBA promises plenty of advantages for the right candidates. A one year MBA program from a top-ranked business school can give you the management and leadership skills you need to rise to the next level in your business career while taking minimal time away from your work.

You can definitely count on the best one year MBA programs to pack a lot of learning into a relatively short period of time. Some programs take twice as long. But one year MBA programs offered by some of the top international business schools employ high-impact executive education methods to provide the same value as more time-consuming business courses.

If you are considering a one year MBA, here are five points to consider:

Look at the rankings

An increasing number of business schools are now offering one year MBA programs. But with so many choices you need a strategy to select the one that will deliver the highest returns for your investment in business leadership training.

One way to hone in on the best 12 month MBA programs is to examine the rankings. These assessments by independent, authoritative publications such as the Financial Times and Forbes will allow you to see at a glance which programs are highly regarded.

Pinpoint the differences

One Year MBABut clearly, not all one year MBA programs are the same — even those at the top of the executive education rankings. It would be a mistake to overlook the differences among programs that are sometimes lumped together.

Certain business schools stand apart because they continually update their degrees in business in close consultation with companies. By joining forces they can ensure that their MBA curriculum stays relevant, reflecting fast-changing developments and world trends.

What are the admission requirements?

Another way to identify the best MBA programs is to check the admissions requirements. Find out what kind of participants are enrolling. Highly regarded leadership programs naturally seek out the most talented candidates through an assessment process that requires high GMAT scores, for example.

But some of the best business schools in the world also ask applicants to have a minimum of three year's business experience with international exposure. Having mature participants with this kind of background ensures that leadership and management training becomes more than a theoretical exercise without application.

How international is the program?

Leading international business schools seek out participants from a multitude of countries for their MBA programs. These schools engage international faculty with diverse backgrounds who are at the cutting edge of management thought in regions around the world.

Given the importance of globalization, the most important force shaping business today, having a global perspective is imperative for executive education in general and MBA programs in particular. Business schools that attract talented international participants and expert international faculty are well positioned to leverage the best educational opportunities.

Where is the human development

One Year MBAOne of the foundation pillars of business leadership is mastering how to deal effectively with other people. So it makes sense that the best MBA programs stress the importance of “people skills,” as well as technical competencies for making business decisions.

Developing well-rounded leadership skills involves exercises in self-awareness and moral judgment. When looking for the program that best meets your needs, be sure to look for one with extensive professional support given to personal development during the one year MBA.

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