1 Year MBA: Take your career to the next level with a 1 year MBA

1 YEAR MBA : Looking for a Top 1-Year MBA Program?

See how the IMD MBA prepares you for the next stage of your career. Discover the IMD MBA program.

1 Year MBA
Choose a 1 year MBA to take your career to the next level. Because it is a condensed program, it is more challenging than a traditional MBA. Of course, a 1-year MBA is still a serious investment in time and money. For these reasons, it is critical to choose your 1 year MBA program carefully.

The IMD MBA program is provided by one of the top business schools in the world. The program is highly regarded by independent, unbiased authorities. Forbes, for example, ranked IMD’s 1 year MBA first worldwide in 2011. In the same year, The Economist judged it the best such program in the world outside the US. With these kinds of endorsements, you know you’re getting real value with this 1 year MBA program.

IMD’s hallmark
The hallmark of IMD’s executive education is its focus on self-awareness and self-development. The 1 year MBA program is no different. You work with teams intensively, benefiting from coaching and lessons about leading yourself and others.

The core of the learning process
At the core of the 1 year MBA program is a focus on three themes:

  • Real world, real learning — this is all about the real world of business and learning you can apply to your organization rather than abstract theories.
  • Leadership development — working with groups and personal interaction you experiment outside your comfort zones to hone your managerial skills.
  • Intensive learning — high-impact education that will sharpen your abilities and prepare you to confront the forces that will shape your company’s future.

Internationally diverse
IMD’s faculty includes experts from internationally diverse backgrounds who are tapped into the increasingly complex and interconnected globalized business world. Students in the MBA program are equally diverse: each year they boast around 50 different nationalities.

Prepare to boost your performance
IMD’s 1 year MBA will dramatically boost your performance. Aimed at high-potential young managers, the program will give you the tools, knowledge and hands-on experience to take on greater risks and responsibilities. It really is one of the best one year MBA programs around.

A nearly 1-year EMBA

1 Year MBAIMD also offers an Executive MBA for more experienced managers who want to pursue their management training without leaving their job. While not a 1 year MBA, IMD’s Executive MBA can still be completed in as little as 15 months with minimal time off the job… so it’s not far from being a 1-year MBA.

This rigorous, action-oriented Executive MBA program focuses on leadership, business fundamentals, globalization, strategy and execution. You will master business concepts, sharpen your leadership skills, bring immediate benefits to your organization through company-specific assignments and gain invaluable insights into globalization.

IMD’s Executive MBA involves trips to India, China and Silicon Valley, where you will gain first-hand knowledge about how leading-edge, innovative companies operate in the global marketplace.  

The Executive MBA program also has a flexible design. Maximized distance learning allows you to remain with your company throughout, with just 10.5 weeks away from the office.

1 year MBA or EMBA?

1 Year MBAThe choice of which IMD program better meets your needs depends on where you are in your career. Promising young managers can advance their careers with IMD’s 1 year MBA. The Executive MBA is for more experienced managers with at least 10 years of solid business experience. You will also need the support of your company as you combine study with work.

With either choice, you can count on taking your career to the next level with IMD’s Executive MBA or 1 year MBA.

Still looking for a 1 Year MBA?

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