MBA and companies: Companies Engagement Project

A Company Engagement Project (CEP) is an intensive five-week assignment between July and August, which gives you the opportunity to identify and ‘test-drive’ potential employees.

The specific format of these projects depends on your company's objectives and needs while helping participants gain understanding of your sector, build credibility, experience, and networks. In order to get the best results, companies integrate these projects in various ways:

  • Short-term internships at company sites
  • Corporate project team support
  • Research and competitive analysis 

Frequently companies put projects on the back-burner due to a lack of financial resources or manpower, often having an important impact on future development opportunities. Our Company Engagement Projects offer a solution to these challenges and our experienced MBAs can bring:

  • Novel perspectives and fresh ideas
  • Diversified strengths and skill sets
  • Opportunity to try out new ideas

IMD's MBA participants on average have seven years of international work experience, multiple language skills and, upon graduation, typically intend to change industry, geography and/or function. The individual project provides them with an opportunity to personalize their curriculum and develop specific skills and insights to facilitate that change. 

There is no fee but we would request that in case of a residence requirement, the MBA participant's housing during the Company Engagement Project and travel expenses be reimbursed.

For more information on the Company Engagement Project, please contact MBA Career Services Manager, Julia De Vargas.

What companies say

Within our project roadmap, there are often early-stage ideas that we want to evaluate, explore or develop, which can benefit from external, well-researched and fresh viewpoints. Understanding the value proposition of the CEP early, we evaluated such opportunities and scoped CEPs with a highly interdisciplinary context, targeting IMD MBA candidates who are especially self-starting, curious, and skilled in navigating complexity and ambiguity.The high quality of insights and delivery in such short time, the uncomplicated setup and fluid collaboration, as well as the MBA candidates presence as knowledgeable and impartial sparring partners, mean that we will definitely be considering further CEP opportunities in the future.

Isaak Tsalicoglou

2016 Global Process Manager PPM,
Corporate Research & Technology, Hilti Corporation