Why Recruit at IMD?

You are looking for candidates with leadership potential who are ready to make an immediate impact and develop to the upper echelons of your company.

The IMD MBA is an intimate, personalized leadership development experience delivering an unmatched emphasis on entrepreneurship, globalization and digitalization while equipping participants with the classic MBA toolkit.

Our dedicated career development team works with you to understand your company culture and identify the best talent for your immediate and future needs.

Our MBAs

Before being admitted, our highly diverse participants go through a rigorous assessment followed by a full background check conducted by an independent agency.

Our participants come from all over the world and have an average of seven years of solid experience in diverse industries and functions. They usually have at least six months experience outside their home country and speak multiple languages.

Our one year MBA program runs from January to December each year, and upon graduation in early December our MBAs are ready to make an immediate impact.

How to recruit our MBAs
We collaborate closely with you to understand your hiring needs and recruiting style. A variety of recruiting and networking activities have been designed with your needs in mind.

  Recruiting Activities




  Class Profile brochure


A brief overview of the individual profiles in the class.


  Online CV book

  April onwards


Online access allows you to search by multiple criteria to identify the individuals who fit your needs. Download a CV book of selected candidates and contact them directly.


  Company Presentations

  June and August


Present your culture, challenges, opportunities, and possible career paths over a one-hour presentation/Q&A session followed by one hour of networking. Virtual presentations are also possible.


  Global Talent Forum



A great recruiting and networking platform that offers you the possibility to enhance your visibility on campus and meet with 90 talented individuals from 40+ countries.


  First round interviews



During a two-week period, our MBAs are focused on exploring career opportunities and no classes are scheduled. Conduct initial interviews at IMD or use our conferencing facilities. 


  Final round interviews



Second round and additional interviews generally take place at your premises, to allow MBAs to experience your company culture.


  Online platform/job postings



Register on our online platform to post jobs for our current class or MBA alumni, access CVs and manage interview schedules. Our team will also be happy to facilitate the process.



Get in touch

Please get in touch with us so that we can talk to you about your recruiting needs:
[email protected] / +41 (0)21 618 0339


IMD complies with applicable laws and regulations, including with respect to international sanctions that may be imposed on individuals and countries. This policy applies to all applications for IMD programs from individuals or organizations, and any commercial or non-commercial partnerships.