Career transition consulting

Career transitions caused by an external change make an entirely different demand on the behavior of an individual to that experienced in daily business. Valuable advice, coaching and guidance is often needed, and as an MBA alumnus/alumna, you have the opportunity to connect with a fellow MBA alumni experienced in the field to advise you on, for instance:

Positioning your profile

Positioning your profile


Activating your network and getting in touch with the right people 

Preparing for interviewing, negotiatings etc.

Preparing for interviewing, negotiatings etc.


Contact the Alumni Office who will connect with the alumni career services volunteers. This first point of contact is confidential and personal. Our alumni career services consultants are all IMD MBA alumni themselves and offer sessions subject to availability.

Please note this services is for MBA Alumni only. 

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IMD ACE is an initiative by IMD and its alumni to facilitate IMD alumni working together and create value through entrepreneurship and innovation. IMD ACE operates globally in collaboration with local IMD Alumni Clubs.

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