Your Learning Journey

During this five-week* journey, you will follow a leadership competency model to understand your strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities to successfully lead in a disrupted, digital world.

Along with your personal leadership coach, you will explore the core skills needed to successfully influence and empower others, particularly in virtual teams, as well as define the advantages and disadvantages of working virtually. You will complete your own personal leadership development plan to drive positive, meaningful change in your organization.

The program is delivered over five* consecutive weeks, requiring a time commitment of 4-6 hours per week. Each week covers specific content, including clear learning objectives and deliverables, to help participants self-measure the impact of their weekly learning.

*The program includes a complimentary 6th week of asynchronous videos and reading materials that you can complete at your own time and do not require any assignment work or interaction with your peers and coach.

  • Unit 1 Impact of the digital age on your leadership and understanding your digital leadership competencies
  • Unit 2 The power of influence and persuasion
  • Unit 3 Empowering others
  • Unit 4 Working in virtual teams
  • Unit 5 Bringing it all together and the road ahead: the challenge of leading digital change
  • Unit 6 (complimentary): Reverse mentoring and shadow boards
Research & knowledge

Are you interested in Digital and its impact on business and leadership? Discover the latest insights  by IMD's faculty and research teams.

Tips for leading a virtual team with effectiveness

More than ever before in our professional lives, we are forced to work remotely – which for many of us also means leading in a virtual space. Get Professor Jennifer Jordan's insights on this.

How will tomorrow's reality look like?

To what extent is the pandemic-induced regime of remote work, flexible hours and AI-enabled software here to stay?

The importance of emotions in efficient leadership during crisis

How working effectively with emotions in challenging times presents the opportunity to build up your resilience and become a better leader.

More insights on the trendiest C-suite role

The average tenure of a CDO is 31 months, shorter than other C-suite roles. Despite initial support for the CDO, research suggests many companies set up the CDO to fail.


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