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liVe Virtual is an immersive learning experience
Instead of time away from work, the learning is embedded in your professional context, making it immediately applicable and delivering instant value for you.
Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP)

Lead at the speed of change

IMD's signature program, OWP, brings you the latest business trends, thought leadership and insights to revitalize your business, drive innovation and lead you forward. Fully customizable schedule. For executives and teams.

Learn more about OWP

Global Management Foundation Program (GMF)

Redesign your future for the new normal

Global Management Foundations (GMF) 20-week journey is a powerful, new virtual learning experience, which rapidly prepares you to step up to general management.

Learn more about GMF

The First 90 Days (F90D)

Accelerate your leadership transition

This liVe Virtual program is designed for executives who have recently started a new leadership role or will do so shortly, and includes 1:1 coaching.

Learn more about F90D

Strategies for Leadership (SL)

Empowering women leaders

Equips senior female executives for greater success in current assignments and to take on new responsibilities with confidence

Learn more about SL

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Harness your business strategy and growth with AI

Explore how AI impacts your business, your organization, society and what it will mean for ethics and business models.

Learn more about AI

Digital Execution (DE)

Driving business benefits from digital strategy

For business leaders or managers who are involved in digital business transformation, and are looking to successfully develop an execution plan.

Learn more about DE

Digital Finance (DF)

Create revenue from new financial technologies

For business and/or finance professionals looking to learn about the latest financial technologies that are driving rapid change.

Learn more about DF


Digital Marketing Strategies (DMS)

Master the skills of online-offline marketing

For senior or mid-level manager with strategic, marketing or commercial responsibilities, looking for the latest digital tools and strategies.

Learn more about DMS

Leading in the Digital Age (LDA)

Leading your team through change

For individuals and/or teams who are managing other people and are seeking the skills to effectively lead in the face of digital transformation.

Learn more about LDA

Leading Digital Business Transformation (LDBT)

Digital innovations to transform your business

For business leaders and senior managers who want to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation in their organizations.

Learn more about LDBT

Driving Strategic Innovation (DSI)

Achieving high performance throughout the value chain

Changes the way business leaders think about innovation and technology strategy, and provides a comprehensive roadmap for achieving breakthrough performance across the value chain.

Learn more about DSI

Organizational Learning in Action (OLA)

Executing strategy through world-class learning and development

Empowers corporate learning professionals to develop and implement successful learning strategies across their organizations and drive business growth as a result.

Learn more about OLA

Negotiating for Value Creation (NVC)

Leveraging complexity to build win-win partnerships

Helps executives master the negotiation frameworks and processes required to manage successful value-driven win-win partnerships.

Learn more about NVC

Strategic Resilience in a Disrupted World (SRDW)

Navigate a reality of constant change

Discover the latest insights on what makes companies resilient in times of disruption. Gain clarity, become future ready, and emerge stronger as an individual and organization.

Learn more about SRDW

Boards and Risks (BR)

Risk governance and prevention in a chaotic world

Boards and Risks enables board members to benchmark board best practices on risks and update to the latest risk thinking.

Learn more about BR

Board and Strategy for Boards (BSB)

The role of the board in strategy governance

Board and Strategy for Boards enables board members to play a meaningful, advisory role in the governance of their firm’s strategy within the context of an increasingly digital landscape

Learn more about BSB

Digital Transformation for Boards (DTB)

Get the right digital vocabulary and toolkit

Develop your understanding of the new digital landscape so you can evaluate digital opportunities and threats for your organization with confidence.

Learn more about DTB

Finance for Boards (FFB)

Get the right finance vocabulary and toolkit

Finance for Boards gives you the essential finance knowledge and tools you need to make tough board decisions in areas such as mergers & acquisitions and risk management.

Learn more about FFB

High Performance Boards (HPB)

How board directors make a real difference

Exposes board members to the latest research on top performing boards and shares best practice from different global governance regimes.

Learn more about HPB

Setting up the Board (SB)

Build a lasting foundation for your board

Setting up the Board is a program about the creation of a true board whether there was no board at all or only a minimum board before.

Learn more about SB

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IMD is ranked #1 in the world for Open Programs for the ninth consecutive year in the 2020 Financial Times Executive Education Rankings.

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Join our Information Session, 14 December 2020, 12:00 CET

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At IMD we care about your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise make available to third parties any personal information for marketing purposes. Read complete privacy policy.
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