Lean Intrapreneurship – Your Team's Learning Journey
Over this three-phase program, with intensive hands-on coaching support from experts, teams will build prototypes and test them on the market
Intrapreneurship online course

Phase 1: Ideation

Exploration of intrapreneurial opportunities and idea generation

Teams begin their intrapreneurial journey by exploring the full landscape of current disruptive trends within their industry, getting familiar with the mechanics of entrepreneurship and generating novel ideas to develop into real business opportunities.

Phase 2: Acceleration

Testing winning ideas

In this phase, teams will test their ideas for desirability, feasibility and viability through business model development and by creating a minimum viable product that they test on the market. 

Phase 3: Execution

Convince the stakeholders and drive your opportunity forward

Teams will pitch their winning opportunities to key stakeholders within their organization and execute an action plan to implement. This phase also focuses on developing sustainable intrapreneurial capabilities within the organization.

Articles by Peter Vogel
There is a shift in expectations of private sector contributions to societal change

Traditionally, this space was occupied by bold social entrepreneurs but more recently, we are seeing a wider group of global stakeholders converging to seek entrepreneurial avenues towards societal impact. 

Being intrapreneurial is back on the agenda of top management teams

While we’ve always lived in a VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – these tendencies are a bit more pronounced than in the past, with the speed of disruption exceeding anything seen before.

How it impacts your business

The “digital tsunami,” with its virtualization of networks, IoT, big data and analytics, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), is impacting all industries and companies.

How entrepreneurs can turn an idea into a breakthrough business opportunity

Ideas are not the same as opportunities. Starting a new venture requires time and effort. But this seemingly obvious statement has led to confusion among entrepreneurs and academics.


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