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Outlasting competition is difficult. Doing so over decades or a century is nearly impossible. Yet some pioneering companies have managed to endure and even prosper over the course of centuries. How did they do it?

  • Assess your firm’s foundational knowledge and its trajectory relative to new competition.
  • Accelerate your organization’s ability to acquire and cultivate knowledge disciplines critical to the firm’s future success.
  • Identify the most powerful forces that will soon shape your sector and how best to leverage them to your organization’s advantage.
  • Discover the potential of A.I. and smart machines for your firm, your team, and your own career to ensure you will stay indispensable to your organization.
  • Develop a leap strategy for your business unit and an action plan for implementation.
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Lowell: American espionage at its best

Knowledge can move across borders. Watch how Francis Lowell's interest in the textile industries of Lancashire and Scotland lead him to establish the Boston Manufacturing Company.

GDPR isn’t enough to protect us in an age of smart algorithms

Europe’s new privacy law comes with teeth. Within hours of the General Data Protection Law (GDPR) coming into effec a legal complaint was filed against Facebook and Google.

Why corporate earnings matter so little to Amazon

A look at how chief executive Jeff Bezos’ alternative playbook achieves fantastic stock price appreciation.

Google and Facebook: the real reason they should be broken up is China

Monopolies are bad for innovation and dismantling them would help the US economy compete

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