LEAP online - your learning journey

Outlasting competition is difficult. Doing so over decades or a century is nearly impossible. Yet some pioneering companies have managed to endure and even prosper over the course of centuries. How did they do it?

Unit overview


Throughout the entire 5-week online journey, working with your professional coach, you will actively gain the knowledge to assess your company’s ability and necessity to leap, discover new opportunities for growth as well as develop a tangible action plan you can implement within your own business unit.

  • Assess your firm’s foundational knowledge and its trajectory relative to new competition
  • Accelerate your organization’s ability to acquire and cultivate knowledge disciplines critical to the firm’s future success.
  • Identify the most powerful forces that will soon shape your sector and how best to leverage them to your organization’s advantages
  • Discover the potential of A.I. and smart machines for your firm, your team and your own career to ensure you will stay indispensable to your organization
  • Develop a leap strategy for your business unit and an action plan for implementation