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Develop key leadership capabilities and accelerate your impact as a leader
High Performance Leadership
Listen. Influence. Impact.
Challenges experienced leaders to improve their effectiveness in leading individuals and teams for superior sustained performance.
On Campus
Duration: 6 days
Next start: 11 September 2022
Transformational Leader
Unlock your full leadership potential
The Transformational Leader program is a personalized transformation journey which unlocks the full potential of your leadership in three stages: mindful, resilient and adaptive.
liVe Virtual, New
Duration: 3 modules of 4-8 weeks
Next start: 13 September 2022
The First 90 Days®
Accelerate your leadership transition
This liVe Virtual program is designed for executives who have recently started a new leadership role or will do so shortly, and includes 1:1 coaching.
liVe Virtual
Duration: 2 days
Next start: 7 June 2022
Strategies for Leadership
Grow as a leader, inspire as a woman
Brings together senior women leaders from around the world and designed to enable your authentic, most effective leadership style.
On Campus
Duration: 4 days
Next start: 14 June 2022
IMD Executive Coaching Certificate
Empower yourself and others to thrive
Become a skilled, high-impact executive coach, connected to an expert community of top coaches and business leaders. Includes preparation for ICF credentialing.
New, Blended
Duration: 10 days per stage
Next start: 6 September 2022
Leading in the Digital Age
Leading your team through change
Provides you with tools to develop the skills to effectively lead in the face of digital transformation.
liVe Virtual
Duration: 2.5 days
Next start: 22 June 2022
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Our portfolio of leadership programs enables you to develop essential skills, either for personal leadership or for team leadership. You will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your leadership style, traits and values
  • Discover mindful leadership as you build your resilience and adaptability
  • Deep dive below the surface of team dynamics and build high-performing teams
  • Maximize your potential to make a profound and sustainable impact on your team and your organization
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Find out if a Personal Leadership program is what you need