Find the right digital transformation strategy for your company

You explore the dynamics of digital disruption and how to become more agile to succeed in this new environment. You consider what this means for marketing, sales, strategy, your value chain, organizational processes, and execution.

Inspirational guest speakers and compelling case studies both from traditional and new disrupting companies stimulate your thinking around the threats and opportunities that lie ahead.

Your roadmap to sustainable competitive advantage

Your core focus throughout the week and main deliverable when you leave is the development of a strategic roadmap for digital transformation in your company.

Your challenge is to figure out which digital assets make sense for your business, and how to integrate them with your non-digital assets. You also define the type of capability building and organizational change you need to plan.

You'll explore how to:


Create more value for your customers with new digital tools

You take part in technology demonstrations and challenge projects using:

  • Analytical tools and applications
  • Mobile tools and applications
  • Platforms to build shareable digital capabilities
  • Social media applications

Don't focus on the disruptor, focus on the disruption

How can you respond to disruption? You are introduced to 4 models of responses you could opt for if your business is being threatened. Each approach focuses on what the disruption reveals about your business, rather than focusing on the disruptor.

Possible responses

  • Learn from the disruptor and improve your core business /customer experience
  • Recenter your activities around a niche/exclusive market
  • Meet your disruptor on the battlefield and beat him at his own game
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate with your disruptor

What does a digital leader look like?

We discuss the new set of leadership skills required in this new era:


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