Read this before building your business strategy for Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two of the most powerful technologies ever created. When used together, these two technologies can transform any business or organization. But, that does not mean businesses should start implementing IoT and AI solutions for the sake of it, or simply because they want to follow the latest trends and say they use Artificial Intelligence.

Too many businesses jump on new technology and aren’t clear on how and why they want to use it. Too many businesses forget that the purpose of technology is to solve problems, not to implement it because it’s the latest greatest. Too many businesses forget to put their customers at the heart of their strategies for new technology.

No, the true potential of IoT and AI solutions is in solving real-world problems, whether it be at home, in a hospital, at a manufacturing site, or on the road, to name a few. Used together, the use cases for these two technologies are innumerable.  

So how do you get started with these technologies? How do you pinpoint the problems that you want to solve and build an IoT solution to solve them? How do you develop a sound business strategy to ensure your business and customers get maximum value from your IoT solutions?

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