How the Internet of Things is shaping the future of business

The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown quite rapidly in recent years and continues to alter the way we interact with our environment. For organizations, IoT brings new ways to communicate with customers, automate tasks, and manage devices, while greater access to consumer data allows for better and more informed decision-makingIoT devices monitor and record consumer patterns which in turn will facilitate user experience. The combination of these factors will help, and in fact, is supporting companies with data analysis with the objective of improving and optimizing business results.

Therefore, understanding how IoT technologies can be applied is of the utmost importance and has raised the strategic value of the Internet of Things

Where can I quickly get the knowledge to build successful IoT Strategies?

IMD’s IoT for Business online certification is the course for business leaders that are looking to get into the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. It is a complete toolkit for building successful IoT strategies.

In this online course, you will learn how to use Design Thinking to build solutions in which your customers will want to invest. You will gain a good understanding of IoT & AI fundamentals. And you will hear about real-world business cases to give you valuable insights into the workings of IoT in the marketplace.

You will also ideate and develop a pretotype of your solution. By developing a pretotype, you will learn to fail fast and get to an ideal solution with speed.

This is the ideal course for business leaders looking to capitalize on IoT. This is a course for change drivers looking to transform their business with today’s most promising technology. And, with a limited 15 spots per session, you are assured of getting high quality and dedicated attention from the course instructors.

Upon completion, you will receive your IMD IoT for Business certificationor you can use this course as a credit towards an IMD Digital Excellence Diploma.

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