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These type of programs from business schools are attracting growing interest from busy executives who want to boost their qualifications without having to give up their jobs. Top online programs offer the convenience of allowing you to combine work with studies through distance learning programs accessible by computer.

With top online programs all you need is a laptop and access to the Internet for an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and management skills on your own time. Consequently, online learning is playing an expanding role in executive education.

But if you are considering signing up for one of the top online programs to pursue degrees in business, such as an MBA or Executive MBA, you may want to think again. While top online programs offer a lot of advantages, they may fall short of what you can expect from MBA programs that combine online learning with face-to-face education on campus.

The digital appeal

Like other business managers you probably recognize the value of leadership and management training obtained from outside the workplace. While you can gather a lot from experience on the job, there is much more to be gained from tapping into the latest management thought and new global trends to be resourced from the best business schools in the world.

At the same time, you may not want to sacrifice your job to continue your studies. Online courses offer a way out by allowing you to learn at home without having to step foot in a school. Rapid progress in the field of IT has vastly improved the quality of digital programs, so you can expect to get solid management training from top online MBA programs.

Making the most of the latest technology

The best online learning programs use the latest computer software to offer such features as virtual group work, videoconferences and various kinds of electronic exchanges to keep you in touch with fellow participants.Lectures and assignments of top online programs are typically designed to stimulate your thinking and unlock new insights.

All very well and good, but isn't there something missing? There are, in fact, a number of elements you may find lacking in online business management programs that make a significant difference.

What you can't get from top online programs

When it comes to MBA or EMBA programs delivered entirely through the computer you are likely to miss the features to be found in programs from top international business schools that blend distance learning programs with time on campus.The perks of programs that integrate face-to-face education include opportunities to gain new ideas and perspectives from small-group discussions with fellow participants.

You can take advantage of one-on-one sessions with expert professors and personalized executive coaching from professional coaches. Let's not forget that on campus you also benefit from unique chances to network with peers from around the world, to create opportunities and to establish lifelong business relationships.

The pluses of classroom modules

One of the best ways to hone your management and leadership skills is through practical, hands-on learning that you can gain in well-designed executive programs that include classroom modules. You can practice your skills in front of other participants in a supportive environment.

Some of the best MBA programs from top business schools include visits to different countries that allow you to see first-hand how leading businesses elsewhere operate in the global marketplace. These are the sorts of dividends to expect from business degree courses that combine face time with top online programs.


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