A Few Thoughts on Top Online MBA Programs

Top Online MBA Programs

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Top online MBA programs have grown in number thanks to technological advances that allow people around the world to earn business management degrees while studying at home at their computer. Online MBA programs allow people in remote areas access to top business management schools. They also allow busy executives to more easily combine their studies with their work. In this sense, online MBA programs are a fantastic development. But before undertaking a purely online MBA program, have you considered that even the top online MBA programs may not be as good as part-time MBA and EMBA programs that combine distance learning with time on campus?

What's wrong with top online MBA programs?

Top Online MBA ProgramsThere's nothing wrong with the top online MBA programs- you'll get solid business management training just as you would in a top 1 year MBA or the top Executive MBA programs. There's a lot you'll miss out on, however. Here are a few things that even the top online MBA programs can't provide:

  • Insights gleaned from one-on-one or small group discussions with expert professors and the diverse participants of the program
  • The chance to build strong, life-long connections with other members of the MBA program
  • The best MBA and EMBA programs include visits to key regions of the world, where you can experience business in different contexts first-hand
  • Real consultancy projects with companies
  • Individual leadership coaching with professional coaches to improve your leadership skills.

The benefits of combining time on campus with distance learning

Like online MBA programs, MBA and EMBA programs that combine on-campus modules with distance learning give you greater flexibility when it comes to combining work with study. But by joining a top MBA or Executive MBA program that includes time on campus, you'll gain not just management theories but also hands-on experience and new perspectives - meaning you'll be better able to drive your new knowledge and skills into direct results. And you'll have an expanded business network that will help you throughout your career.

IMD's Executive MBA
Top Online MBA Programs

IMD's Executive MBA, one of the world's best EMBA programs, offers you just this. This practice-oriented management training is structured around topics important for managers today: business fundamentals, globalization, leadership, strategy and execution. Modules in Mumbai, Shanghai and Silicon Valley give you invaluable insights into business in these regions. Leadership training helps you become a more self-aware and effective manager. And by combining online distance learning with short on-site modules, you minimize the time away from your office but maximize the benefits.

So if you are interested in earning a top Master of Business Administration degree without giving up your job, consider a part-time program that includes face-to-face modules - and not just top online MBA programs.

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