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Part Time MBA RankingsPart time MBA rankings provide a handy guide to the best business management degrees that allow executives to pursue management education while remaining on the job. If you are wondering where you can get the best bang for your buck, part time MBA rankings, such as those from the Financial Times, are a useful indicator. IMD’s Executive MBA consistently ranks well in part-time MBA rankings — not surprising when you consider who is offering the program.

IMD is one of the top business schools in the world, so it stands to reason that its programs for executives top the tables. But there are other explanations for why it does so well in independent part time MBA rankings. For one thing, IMD is 100% focused on executive education in a real-world environment. Its international faculty is tapped into the globalized economy. And its programs are well adapted to business because IMD is run like a business itself, constantly innovating to meet the needs of clients.

IMD: what others say

The record speaks for itself. Independent authorities, including the Financial Times, The Economist and Forbes magazine, regard IMD as one of the best schools in the world for business management education. In 2018, the Financial Times ranked IMD number one on the planet for its open programs. And for the seventh year in a row it ranked IMD tops for executive education outside the US.

That praise doesn’t come easily. And IMD isn’t resting on its laurels. Its Executive MBA and other business management programs are regularly reviewed and updated to meet the demanding needs of clients. The Executive MBA program, for example, was recently redesigned to allow greater flexibility for busy executives.

Flexible executive education with impact

Part Time MBA RankingsIMD understands that managers have demanding careers. But executive education can be a vital tool to help you reach your full potential without abandoning your job. The flexible structure of the Executive MBA program maximizes distance learning. Over a 15-month training period, you stay away from the office for as little as 10.5 weeks.

The program is geared for talented, experienced and motivated business leaders aiming to move into general management. It’s an action-oriented Executive MBA focused on:

  • business fundamentals
  • leadership skills
  • strategy
  • execution

Expect to master business concepts, hone your leadership skills and deliver immediate results to your organization through company-specific projects. The emphasis is on turning ideas into action rather than pondering academic questions. The Executive MBA includes visits to India, China, and California where you gain first-hand insights into leading-edge companies in the global marketplace.

New program design

Part Time MBA RankingsIMD’s Executive MBA program is the most stimulating, challenging and rewarding program of its kind in the world. The new modular structure is even more flexible, allowing for a better fit with your office work.

The Executive MBA program is not designed with just anyone in mind. Admission is geared to those with strong global experience and proven leadership capabilities. You need to have intellectual ability, an international outlook, drive and the support of your company. For the right candidates, however, IMD’s Executive MBA program can be an incredibly rewarding experience. And that’s just one more reason why IMD scores so well in part-time MBA rankings.

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