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Manager Assessment Test

This kind of test can give you an independent evaluation of your management and leadership skills. In a nutshell, a well-designed manager assessment test from one of the good business schools allows you to find out more about yourself and your abilities.

GLI Management Assessment Test

By assessing your competencies and identifying areas where you lack skills and experience, a management assessment test provides guidance about the appropriate management training to advance your career. An organization also stands to benefit from such leadership assessment tools by getting a better idea of the skills of its business managers and to identify potential gaps in its talent pool.

Why is management training important?
Companies are facing a complex competitive environment marked by globalization, rapid technological change and evolving business models. Developing global leaders is the new imperative for organizations that risk being left behind if they fail to master the new challenges.

Business managers acquire valuable experience on the job but they can gain an edge over the competition through the best executive education programs. The top international business schools with a global perspective offer leadership and management training from experts at the cutting edge of management thought who impart knowledge that is difficult to find in the workplace.

Checking what executive education is best for you
If you believe that management training is for you, what's the next step? How do you know what training courses are the right ones? A manager assessment test is one way to find out, particularly if it's been a while since you last had any formal training.

A focused management assessment test can quickly let you — and your organization — know where you stand. It can provide insights on your personal leadership skills, such as your ability to lead teams, resolve conflicts, negotiate and communicate with others.

A management assessment test can examine your business management abilities in such areas as decision-making, project management and strategic planning. Results from such tests can help a company manage its leadership development plan and help ensure that managers are trained with the right skills.

Manager Assessment

Assessing your organization's talent pipeline
Your company may be prospering now but the future may be less sure. With the baby boom generation retiring or nearing retirement, large swaths of senior executives will be leaving many organizations, taking their experience with them.

Combined with the new challenges of globalization there is a strong demand for corporate training, as companies scramble to fill top management positions. Leadership assessment tools, such as a manager assessment test, can aid human resource departments as they look for ways to assure continuity of leadership.

Evaluating the leadership skills of managers should be a key part of any organization's succession planning process. Succession planning aims to ensure that people who are promoted into general management have the right training to take on the duties, and that there is a pipeline of younger talent ready to be promoted when needed.

Keeping positive about your assessment
The results of a manager assessment test may come as a shock if they do not conform to your own conception of your leadership skills. But it is important to remember that such tests are not measuring your potential but what skills you have acquired from training and experience.

The positive side of test results — even those that may disappoint you — is that they can help you gain the leadership skills training you need to fulfil your potential. So there's a lot to be gained from taking a management assessment test.

Looking for a Manager Assessment Test from a Top-Ranked Business School? 

Find out how IMD's Organizational Learning in Action program helps you drive successful corporate learning. 

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Looking for Executive Education Specifically for Corporate Learning Professionals?

This kind of test can give you an independent evaluation of your management and leadership skills. A well-designed manager assessment test from one of the good business schools allows you to find out more about yourself and your abilities.

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