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Leadership Training Workshops

Leadership training workshops designed by top international business schools are an effective, efficient way to maximize your leadership if you're ready to meet the challenge. The key is to focus on leadership skills workshops that help you release the leader within through expertly-guided practice and perfection. Jump-start your career with leadership training workshops.

Leadership - like riding a bike...?

Think leadership is a list of skills? Think it's learned by analyzing famous leaders' styles? Theory and leadership frameworks are only the basics. To learn to be a real leader, you need to reach within, explore your own style and then get the feel for using your best leadership skills in an authentic manner. If you can turn your leadership into a reflexive skill like riding a bike, it will serve you through the long term.

Leadership Training WorkshopsBut what about leadership exercises and leadership coaching...?

Now, how did you learn to ride a bike? That's right: practice. And it's the same with leadership skills. Top professionals at the best business schools in the world run leadership training workshops anchored in practice. Two essential components are leadership exercises and leadership coaching, either separately or together.

  • Leadership exercises: Get out of your regular routine for hands-on experience and experimentation. Leadership training workshops leverage leadership exercises to help you and other participants teach yourselves and each other by mastering leadership situations. Get the feel for your own leadership skills in a place that's stimulating yet safe, where you're free to make mistakes and learn from them. Expertly-designed leadership exercises help you become more attuned to what is going on around you and to your own responses.

  • Leadership coaching: Expert guidance in one-on-one and/or group leadership coaching helps you become more aware - of your personal leadership style, of human behavior and of group dynamics in general. An executive career coach gives honest and impartial feedback so you can recognize and hone your leadership capacity. Then, they guide you to put your heightened awareness into action, tap into your top skills and address your weaker points.

Leadership Training Workshops

Leadership skills that work in the real world...

There's learning to ride a bike for its own sake. Then there's learning to ride because your dad said you could ride with your big brother to the candy store once you learned. Which is more motivating? You'll learn better from leadership training workshops that tie your learning to your real-life challenges and goals. Really good leadership training workshops will ask you to bring specific challenges to the table. For example, you may be asked to:

  • Conduct analyses of your professional context prior to the workshop
  • Benchmark, discuss and explore your challenges with others in the workshop
  • Create action-plans to help you actively apply and integrate your learning during and after the workshop

Go beyond leadership training workshops...

You can gain even deeper benefits from leadership training workshops when they're done in the framework of lifelong learning. You will have varying leadership skills training needs throughout your career - from a first business management course to launch you into general management right on up to CEO education aimed at the most senior executives. Why not find a business management school that can be a life-long learning partner? It's a great way to complement your on-the-job development with top-level corporate training. If you seek them, there're great things out there for you, starting with leadership training workshops.

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Discover how IMD's High Performance Leadership program can help your board drive corporate success. Download the (NEW) program brochure now.


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