Top 5 FAQs on Leadership Training Programs

Leadership training programs can help boost your leadership skills to the next level. But just what are leadership training programs and what makes the best leadership skills training? IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, answers a few FAQs.

1. What are leadership training programs?

Leadership training programs are short-term programs intended to help you refresh and build on your existing leadership skills in order to increase your leadership capacity in your current job – and in your next job.

2. Are all leadership training programs created equal?

No, definitely not. Leadership training programs are only as good as those who develop them and those who teach them.

The best place to start looking for the best leadership training programs is among those schools and organizations that consistently come out top in independent business school rankings. IMD business school, for example, is consistently ranked at the top by reliable sources such as the Financial Times executive education rankings. Behind these rankings is the strength of IMD’s vision: to develop leaders, transform organizations and create immediate and long-term positive impact. This driving force ensures that all leadership training programs at IMD are exceptional, innovative, and focused on the real world.

3. Isn’t on-the-job learning enough?

On-the-job learning is absolutely necessary, but not enough if you really want to be a truly effective leader throughout your career. For example, without external leadership training it’s easy to get stuck in ruts and routines - especially if you stay within the same field or the same company. This can hold you back from reaching your true potential. What’s more, if you get a promotion or change to another job you may not have the skills and/or confidence to hit the ground running and to lead authoritatively. Leadership training programs are one excellent way to get this kind of leadership skills boost.

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