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Leadership Skills Assessment Tool

A leadership skills assessment tool evaluates your abilities as an executive and highlights specific areas where you can benefit from management training programs. The right leadership skills assessment tool from one of the top international business schools also offers a way for an organization to determine the qualifications of its leaders — from the functional manager right up to the senior executive level.

By using a leadership skills assessment tool — or various leadership assessment tools — to gauge different kinds of leadership skills, a company can identify gaps in its talent pool and prepare managers for the challenges ahead with a relevant executive training program.

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Charting your organization's future

One of the ongoing challenges for a company is to ensure that it has executives with the leadership skills required to move the organization forward in an increasingly complex business world. How do you know whether your business managers are ready to take on new roles and responsibilities? A leadership skills assessment tool can provide answers.

Certainly, executives gain experience on the job. But increasingly, companies are relying on leadership and management training from good business schools to ensure their leaders gain the knowledge needed to tackle tough challenges. When senior executives retire or move on, the need to have leaders prepared to take their place through a succession planning process becomes acute.

How a leadership skills assessment tool can help

A leadership development assessment looks at different skill sets ranging from personal leadership skills to business management. Leadership assessment tools can help a human resources department to evaluate whether an executive has the required qualifications to take on a new role.

They can also identify the most appropriate training courses to upgrade skills and knowledge as part of a comprehensive executive leadership development program. A leadership skills assessment tool focuses on areas as diverse as team leadership skills, conflict resolution skills and negotiation skills. Different tools are designed to evaluate business management skills in areas such as project management, strategic planning and problem solving.

Other benefits of leadership assessment tools

As you can see, leadership assessment tools have a lot of applications. They can be used to weigh up a manager's ability to inspire others. They can even be employed to examine leadership culture within an organization to determine whether business managers are meeting an organization's internal and external expectations.

On an individual basis, by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses a leadership development assessment can help you to decide on the most appropriate career path to pursue. It can provide practical advice about what executive education programs to take to achieve your personal goals.

Using a leadership skills assessment tool in training

An additional practical use for a leadership skills assessment tool is in management training courses. By appraising participants it can ensure that the course focuses on the right leadership skills for each person enrolled.

But as powerful as leadership development assessment tools are, they cannot determine an executive's potential. After all, leadership skills are acquired through training and experience. Assessment tools offer a useful method to find out how well trained a manager is but they have limitations when it comes to judging innate ability.

Life-long learning for business executives

Shrewd executives recognize that throughout their careers, the learning never stops — both on the job and through executive education. In a challenging environment, management training from a top-ranked business school can put you ahead of the competition. Look for excellent guidance on what training to take through a leadership skills assessment tool.

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Find out how IMD's Organizational Learning in Action program helps you drive successful corporate learning. Download the (NEW) program brochure now.

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