Leadership executive coaching

Leadership executive coaching is a powerful management training tool to help executives at all levels perfect their leadership style and maximize performance.

How exactly does an executive coach help you strengthen your core leadership skills so you can make a more meaningful impact in your career, your organization and society? IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, integrates professional coaching into its leadership programs and offers it as ongoing support to executives. Here are some insights from IMD on the value of leadership executive coaching.

How leadership executive coaching gives IMD participants the edge

IMD is known for its innovative program design based on the latest knowledge and research. In fact, that’s why IMD consistently comes out on top in international rankings, like first in open programs worldwide (Financial Times, 2020). Coaching is an example of IMD innovation and that’s why you’ll find it an integral part of many of our leadership programs.

An example is IMD’s Program for Executive Development. Designed to prepare experienced managers for general management, the program strengthens core operational and leadership skills and increases awareness of the changing world. It balances two on-campus modules with challenging real-world experiences. Participants are fully immersed in the stimulating IMD environment while on campus - and off-campus, they confront the issues face-to-face to expand their horizons and reinforce their learning. It’s an integrative step-by-step process that is supported and guided by professional coaches working in conjunction with IMD Faculty.

A few facts about leadership executive coaching

Does leadership executive coaching teach a set of techniques, styles and mannerisms that I can reproduce and apply once I’ve learned how to do them?

No, a professional coach’s impartial and honest observation helps you recognize and work with your own leadership style. They work with you to hone your strengths and seek ways to transform your weaknesses through practice with a group and/or individually. You become the leader you are meant to be.

Aren’t people born leaders?

While some people are more naturally charismatic, this is a very limited definition of leadership. Everyone has a unique set of skills within them that can be put into action to make them better leaders. Leadership coaching will help you become aware of yours and learn to better use them. Secondly, good leaders don’t just lead the team - they lead in the right direction. Leadership executive coaching helps you improve your ability to build and implement effective strategies.

Isn’t leadership executive coaching meant for beginners? Don’t experienced managers already have leadership skills?

Would you expect a star athlete to say, OK, I’ve made the Olympic trials, now I don’t need a coach anymore? It’s no different for business leadership coaching. Throughout your career, a coach can, for example, help you be more aware and see old problems in a new light. Or, as objective outside experts, professional coaches help you see blocks and focus on innovative solutions. Finally, you can access, fine-tune and use the right skills to tackle the particular challenges of a changing world with the help of leadership executive coaching.

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