Senior Leadership Course

A great way for experienced leaders to sharpen and expand their skills as they move into new leadership positions or tackle a business challenge is through a senior leadership course. A good one will specifically focus on the skills you need as a senior leader to drive lasting success for your company. A great course will also provide immediate return on investment by helping you to develop strategic responses to your own business challenge.

IMD’s senior leadership course, Advanced Management Program (AMP), does exactly this. Provided by one of the top business schools in the world, the program helps you to become an effective, operational and visionary leader by boosting both your strategic leadership effectiveness and your analytical skills. By honing your ability to develop and deliver effective strategies, you’ll be ready to raise your company’s performance today and sustain its performance in the future.

Become an effective and visionary leader


1. Get the big picture

An effective leader needs a wide, interconnected view of his or her business and the world in which it operates. A good senior leadership course should therefore fine-tune your capacity to sort out the big and small forces that will determine your company’s success. Advanced Management Program (AMP) uses a strategic engagement model that helps you assess the world around you as the first step in defining a comprehensive strategy for your company.


2. Work on your challenge

Leaders face a number of challenges - strategy, finance, sustainability and operations to name a few. A senior leadership course that brings your challenges to the table will be much more effective than one that relies on theory.

Advanced Management Program (AMP) helps you analyse your own key business challenge, and then start to develop an appropriate strategy to address it. During the program, IMD Faculty members help you diagnose and apply lessons from the program to your own situation. You also employ knowledge toolkits to analyze your challenges and design responses, helping you to translate your learning into concrete plans and actions. It doesn’t end here - after the program ends, the Faculty team supports you to follow through with your plans.

3. Strengthen your strategic leadership

No matter how good it might be, a strategy is no use if you can’t implement it. To create value and deliver long-term results, a senior leader must be able to build a strong, committed team and successfully manage internal and external relationships.

Advanced Management Program (AMP) places a heavy focus on sharpening your strategic leadership effectiveness. You’ll look at how to manage your organization to realize your goals, as well as the challenges of execution. Among other things, the program’s strategic engagement model specifically addresses your leadership journey, leading change in your organization and implementing your strategic challenges. Leadership coaching will further help you strengthen your leadership skills, while the knowledge toolkits mentioned above help you to engage your company and team back at the office.

Immediate and long-term results

Advanced Management Program (AMP) will leave you ready to enhance performance at individual, team and business-unit levels. You’ll have what it takes to develop and deliver effective strategies for sustainable business success - and so play a key role in keeping your organization ahead. These are exactly the kinds of immediate and long-term outcomes you should expect from a top senior leadership course.


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