Inject new life into your career
Leadership and Management

Leadership and management

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management education injects life into your career. It provides a new context and environment, and helps you access depths of leadership with professional coaching and guidance. It is a critical complement to your on-the-job learning, helping you learn more from every experience.

Fine-tuning & formalizing leadership
Leadership and Management

When you hear a story about someone who started working at age 12 in her father’s fresh produce business and went on to be named Africa’s most influential woman by CEO Magazine… well, you’d be normal to think, “Wow, that’s a natural leader!”

Leadership and ManagementThere’s no denying Sibongile Manganyi-Rath’s leadership, intelligence and ability to seize opportunity. At the age of 26, she founded Indigo Kulani Group, a South African construction industry business. So can leadership and management education really bring more to a person of such instinctive talent and drive? Her answer is a resounding yes.

The impact of a diverse group experience
Leadership and Management

Leadership and ManagementLeadership education isn’t just great for boosting your business management skills and knowledge. It’s also great for networking… which, by the way, is great for boosting your business management skills and knowledge.

This is what Xenia Baranova discovered when she attended IMD’s Building on Talent (BOT) program.

Online but not impersonal
Leadership and Management

Leadership and ManagementThink an online leadership and management course can’t have a big impact on your professional skills development? Think again.

Alexander (Sascha) Majarek chose to take IMD’s Strategic Thinking program, part of the Global Leadership in the Cloud series, to help sharpen his strategic skills following a promotion. Sascha was no novice: he had two MBAs and eight years’ experience as CIO at TUI Group, the world’s largest travel and tourism company, when he was promoted to Commercial & Service Integration Director for Infrastructure Management and Service Delivery at the TUI headquarters in Hanover.

What is leadership to you?
Leadership and Management

Leadership and ManagementWho do you meet when you’re at work? Mostly it’s colleagues, customers, suppliers and competitors. Their areas of expertise and the things they care about are often very aligned with yours. This is great, except when you’d love a really different perspective. And you’re not likely to chitchat about daily trials with someone in a parallel position at a competing company. One thing that leadership and management programs do is bring together groups of managers who come from extremely diverse industries and geographies, but who share many of the same challenges.

In a way you don’t expect
Leadership and Management

Leadership and ManagementWhen someone describes a leadership and management course as life-changing, you might assume they really “just” mean career-changing. But more can happen at a leadership program if it really takes you beyond the tactics and into the realm of understanding yourself. When Agnaldo Santos says the Advanced High Performance Leadership (AHPL) at IMD was life-changing, he means: Life. Changing.

Top value
Leadership and Management

Leadership and ManagementSome people may question whether leadership and management education for CEOs and Senior Executives is necessary. Aren’t they already at the top of their game? Well, how many Olympic athletes do you see training and competing without coaches? Point made. But indeed, training the most senior skilled executives takes an extremely well-crafted program, led by top business minds.


Leadership and ManagementGotchya! Our 7th person isn’t a person. Sometimes, a whole company or division can break through to new leadership and management successes through an executive education program. Many organizations partner with IMD Business School for tailor-made management programs. So let’s look at what happened with Hempel, when they came to IMD for a custom program called Strategy 2020 for its top leadership, beginning in 2014.