World-class CEO education is one of the secrets behind the continued success of some of the world’s top CEOs and senior executives. As business leaders it's important to understand that what got them to the top will not necessarily keep them there.  The best CEOs explore and reach beyond the individual, business and market challenges that they face. They ensure the best leadership for their own professional and personal growth, and ongoing benefit for their organization.

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Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives

Find the breakthrough insights you need to confidently tackle the most critical and difficult-to-solve issues that are limiting you and your organization.

Cultivating Leadership Energy through Awareness and Reflection

Unique, exclusive program for senior executives who want to drive change, improve personal and organizational effectivesss, and deepen societal impact

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Advanced Management Program

Strategically evaluate and seize your organization’s possibilities to confidently fulfil your company’s corporate mandate for growth and profitability in the short- and long-term amidst a world of complex change

CEO need: Fresh perspectives

CEO education solution: Ongoing executive education exposes you to perspectives that you won’t necessarily see in your daily role. A senior leadership program designed specifically for top executives will look at broad economic and societal challenges – today’s and tomorrow’s – and guide you to a complete understanding of both the big picture and the finer points, especially those with a direct impact on your field. Closely examining new business models and new players within these contexts, you’ll learn to sharply assess their viability. New perspectives keep you nimble and allow you to approach your own critical challenges in different ways.

CEO need: New opportunities

CEO education solution: As a senior executive or CEO, it’s important to do better than just steer the ship if you want to bring real transformational value to your organization. In a fast-evolving global marketplace, tomorrow’s opportunities won’t look the same as today’s. CEO education examines the highest levels of the competitive landscape. It helps you sharpen your skills to anticipate changes, determine the best business strategies to leverage them, and implement these strategies to your advantage. For example, executive coaching can push you to assess the strategies in your market, design game-changing moves and prepare to lead towards greater outcomes.

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CEO need: Reflection

CEO education solution: The best executive leadership programs are tailored to participants’ own situations and needs. This gives you the chance to step back and reflect on your approaches and responses in the face of your challenges. Scrutinizing events, interactions and your own behavior allows you to refresh and recharge. This helps ready you meet the next challenge with strong, specific focus and innovative strategies rather than relying on old habits.

CEO need: Set an example

CEO education solution: As CEO, you need to lead by example. If you’re not informed, clear-minded and action-ready for new opportunities to create exceptional value for your organization, how can you expect your team to be? By keeping sharp, you’ll maintain the loyalty of your team, and help them to also continually grow and contribute their best. By embracing your own executive education, they will also understand the value of lifelong learning. In short, you will ensure your own capacity and inspire your organization through CEO education.

CEO need: Networking

CEO education solution: It shouldn’t be lonely at the top. A business leadership class built especially for senior global executives puts you in touch with people who match your level of skill and challenge but who bring a great diversity of backgrounds, nationalities and fields. The group dynamics will challenge and inspire you. You’ll learn from each other’s approaches – why not import tactics from another industry to your own? And of course you’ll build an invaluable personal and professional network at the international level that may lead to new and unexpected opportunities.

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