Reach Top Leadership Performance with a Business Coaching Program

The best coaching programs are designed to help you fine-tune your skills and take aim at your barriers so you can reach top business performance. If you are thinking about attending a business coaching program, you may have some questions about how it works - and how to find an innovative, professional program that ensures concrete results. IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, answers some questions about the tools and value of a business coaching program.

So...What is a business coaching program?

Business coaching is key to your successThe concept of the business coaching program developed in recent years as business and leadership training began to move beyond simply teaching basic principles and theory. In today’s complex, fast-paced business environment, leaders need to be able to make decisions with both precision and speed. There simply is no longer always a model to follow, a ready-made tool in the toolkit.

Top international business schools responded by developing innovative leadership development programs designed help executives grow their own capacity to meet challenges, even completely new ones. Business and leadership coaching is a part of that development.

A business coaching program offers one-on-one and/or group coaching to help business leaders:

  • Understand themselves as people and as leaders
  • Identify their personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain better awareness of individual, group and organizational behavior to better respond to challenges
  • Understand their own personal business and career goals
  • Practice their leadership and develop it with the help of impartial and honest feedback
  • Reach for their business and career goals with expert guidance
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Okay... but how does a good business coaching program work?

Obviously, the first task of a good program is to provide an effective platform for the coaching goals listed above. A few of the features that ensure effectiveness are:

  • A team of highly professional coaches with extensive behavioral knowledge and the skills to work at several levels of analysis, spot and highlight group dynamics and use that to promote learning.
  • A non judgmental, safe and supportive environment to allow participants to reach deep inside themselves to truly explore their behavior, experiment with their leadership and respond to constructive feedback.
  • The value of a business coaching program is further enhanced when it is offered in the context of a leadership training program that targets specific executive development needs.
  • Finally, the very best business coaching program will ensure lasting effects by accompanying participants in their own environments through post-program support.

An excellent example of such a business coaching program is IMD’s Mobilizing People. Geared towards experienced managers who want to make a step change in their leadership, Mobilizing People includes individual and small group coaching by skilled professional coaches throughout the program – and even afterwards.

You get the chance to make sense of the different aspects of your leadership, explore who you want to be as a leader, experience leadership situations and experiment with your leadership role. All this is done in the context of your own business challenges, which you bring to the program to work on. You also get support to consolidate and implement your learnings with three follow-up coaching sessions after the program. The result? You release the leader within you, renew your energy and learn to mobilize people towards key business goals.

Before we go any further...Where do I find a good business coaching program?

IMD Business School campus parkHow can you identify a business coaching program that offers lasting, substantive results? We suggest you start with a top business school. IMD, for example, is consistently ranked among the best – the Financial Times ranked IMD first in open programs worldwide in 2017, for example.

Driven by a vision to be the best in the world at enabling the development of successful global leaders, IMD offers a range of programs addressing the real needs of executives at every stage of their career. Each business coaching program targets specific executive development needs for a particular career stage, and includes a team of professional coaches who employ the latest coaching methods.

It all boils down to this...What kind of results should I see from a business coaching program?

Let’s look again at IMD’s Mobilizing People. Past participants of Mobilizing People consistently report significant improvements in their overall effectiveness at motivating teams. They are working smarter and making the right choices for the right reasons. A heightened level of self-awareness, focus and passion give them new confidence in the face of the many challenges of their personal and professional lives. In short, they have heightened their business performance and are the kind of leaders who inspire and mobilize their teams – and they got there with the help of a quality business coaching program.

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