Marketing Course

A marketing course can be the edge you need in today’s tough new global business markets. Even experienced marketing and branding managers can gain new perspectives, insights and skills to boost strategic thinking, ensure customer satisfaction and guarantee the bottom-line value of their marketing strategy plan. Need convincing? Here are 5 reasons why you should head to one of the top business schools in the world to take a marketing course (...) Read more about Marketing course.

B2B sales and marketing

B2B sales and marketing professionals know that today, they can’t get by without social media. And why would they want to? Social media is an extremely powerful tool for B2B sales and marketing... done right. Therein lies the crux. Unfortunately, many marketing and branding managers use social media without, frankly, even fully understanding it. It’s critical to judiciously incorporate an interconnected set of social media tactics into your marketing strategy plan to advance your B2B sales and marketing. (...) Read more about B2B sales and marketing.

Best marketing strategies

The best marketing strategies are those which are the most memorable for the target audience and also achieve their objective. But creating successful marketing strategies is not easy. Increasing sales is becoming more challenging in today's competitive global marketplace. New communication tools require ever-more creative marketing strategies. These strategies must increasingly be allied with strategic business planning. Brand awareness is no longer enough: the focus is on build branding communities and brand advocates that drive brand loyalty. Indeed, brand loyalty is considered the ultimate sign of the best marketing strategies. (...) Read more about Best marketing strategies.

Brand marketing strategy

The brand marketing strategy determines whether products and services are successful in the marketplace. Today's quickly changing and increasingly global environment requires new skills and tools to respond to new consumer demands and habits. Traditional brand strategies are no longer sufficient in reaching customers and convincing them to buy products. The latest tools must be used not only to reach customers where they are, but also to maintain relationships over a long period of time. In this context, management of the brand marketing strategy becomes a key business process for organizations. (...) Read more about Brand marketing strategy.

Customer analysis marketing plan

Your customer analysis marketing plan is a critical part of your marketing strategy plan that pinpoints exactly who your customers are, what they need, what drives their decision-making and how your product meets their needs. It’s your roadmap for getting your product to them. Just like a real roadmap, if it’s vague or unclear, you might take wrong turns and miss opportunities... if it’s wrong, you may be completely lost. You’ll be significantly better positioned to successfully market your product to your targeted customer with a well-written customer analysis marketing plan. (...) Read more about Customer analysis marketing plan.

Executive education marketing

Executive education marketing courses from top business schools can boost your marketing skills and help drive better results for your company. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, developing the right marketing strategy is of make-or-break importance. Having the best products and services is no longer enough to ensure success when competitors are gaining market share through tech-savvy advertising and promotional campaigns. (...) Read more about Executive education marketing.

Marketing and branding

Marketing and branding experts are sometimes born that way... usually not. Of course you need a certain base of brains, gumption and drive, but the best way to get on top of your game in marketing and branding is to boost your skills with the targeted learning of a marketing course from one of the top business schools in the world. Even experienced marketing and branding managers can gain new perspectives, insights and skills to solidify brand recognition, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are some thoughts on how to leverage high-impact executive education to create real value for your organization through marketing and branding. (...) Read more about Marketing and branding.

Marketing classes

Marketing classes can help marketing professionals build skills for better retaining existing clients and attracting new customers. Indeed, as companies are required to become ever more customer-focused in order to remain relevant with their products and services, marketing classes are an extremely effective training, generating a visible bottom-line return on investment. In this context, marketing classes are increasingly seen as a "must" rather than a "nice to have" in the world of corporate training, if a company wishes to retain a leadership position. (...) Read more about Marketing classes.

Marketing conferences

Marketing conferences are an important forum for experience sharing and networking between marketing professionals and academics. Professionals share their work and discuss new sales and marketing trends, while academics share their research results around various aspects of marketing and branding. International marketing conferences tend to attract a particularly diverse audience. They gather not only professional marketers from around the world, but also researchers from the some of the best business management schools. This mix of participants makes the best marketing conferences more like a short marketing course. (...) Read more about Marketing conferences.

Marketing leadership development program

A marketing leadership development program from a good business management school is a great way to improve both your marketing skills and your leadership skills. A good marketing course will give you the latest tools and techniques for developing the best marketing strategies. A marketing leadership development program has the additional benefit of developing people skills that will prepare you for marketing leadership roles. (...) Read more about Marketing leadership development program.

Marketing management course

Marketing management course programs can equip companies and their leaders with the tools to gain a competitive advantage in challenging markets. A marketing management course from one of the top business schools in the world can give you the skills to move ahead of rivals with a better marketing strategy plan.

Not convinced that a marketing management course can make much of a difference? You are right to be skeptical because not all marketing classes deliver to the same degree. But let's examine some of the reasons why a marketing management course from one of the good business schools can have a positive impact for your organization. (...) Read more about Marketing management course.

Marketing strategy plan

Your marketing strategy plan is your most elemental tool for driving strong financial returns through marketing and branding. Experienced marketing and commercial managers know the key components of a typical marketing strategy plan. This article is not about that. To make a marketing plan that is better than typical, it’s creativity and strategic thinking you want. Incorporate these 6 tips into your planning activity and you’ll be on the road to a successful marketing strategy plan. (...) Read more about Marketing strategy plan.

Marketing strategy planning

Marketing strategy planning is a key element for defining the best marketing strategy and an effective marketing strategy plan. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, marketing is an essential element of any business strategy. All marketing and branding activities should support the overall corporate strategy or business development strategy, and all those involved in implementing business strategies should be aware of the associated marketing strategy. In this sense, marketing strategy planning is an integral business process. (...) Read more about Marketing strategy planning.

Marketing training

Marketing training is changing in today's new world of growing online sales and increasing social media influence. Not only has the number of elements in a marketing strategy plan increased enormously, but marketing and branding is no longer simply about implementing fixed - and often standard - marketing plans. Instead, effective marketing requires an understanding of the social context, the local context and the changing habits of today's consumers - and figuring out not just the best channels to reach people, but also the right way of communicating on different channels. Marketing training has had to adapt to these new realities. (...) Read more about Marketing training.

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing has been considered a necessary element of business operations for many years now. But what's in a name? The term "strategic marketing" has become so ubiquitous that organizations risk becoming sleepy and routine in their marketing and branding practices. At best, this is a missed opportunity. It is up to strategic marketing professionals to ensure they define a clear marketing strategy plan, stay fresh and continually prove the value of strategic marketing to the organization's business objectives. Here are some thoughts on how to ensure you keep the "strategy" in your strategic marketing. (...) Read more about Strategic marketing.

Strategic marketing plan

Strategic marketing plan? In these increasingly complex times having a well-conceived strategic marketing plan is essential for businesses to win in tough markets. A globalized world brings new challenges for companies contending with a rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

In this environment, traditional sales and marketing techniques no longer cut it. To move ahead of the competition, you need modern tools and well-engineered brand marketing strategies. The right corporate training can give you the edge you need to develop a strategic marketing plan that drives superior financial results and creates enduring value for your organization. (...) Read more about Strategic marketing plan.

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