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Top European Business SchoolsTop European business schools are at the top because they:

  • Have a long-standing reputation for excellence
  • Remain constantly in touch with the business world and respond to its realities
  • Deliver innovative business management and leadership programs with real impact
  • Are trusted by leading organizations to prepare for the future

IMD is one such business school. The proof? Independent rankings say it all. IMD is ranked first in executive education outside the US (Financial Times 2019) and first in open programs worldwide (Financial Times 2019). IMD’s MBA is ranked number one in Europe (Bloomberg Businessweek Global MBA ranking, 2018) and the only non- US business school in global top 10 (Bloomberg Businessweek Global MBA ranking, 2018).

This is why more than 9,000 executives come to IMD every year, and why on average 170+ global companies chose IMD for their customized programs each year.


Top European Business SchoolsBy definition, top European business schools are located in, well, Europe. But being European is about more than just location.

Europe is not one country, not one single outlook or experience – it’s a diverse, multi-cultural continent in itself, and made even more diverse by the people attracted here from all over the world.

This makes top European business schools extremely international. Not only will you meet people from a huge range of countries, but you’ll benefit from the European experience of bridging cultures and exchanging ideas to the benefit of all.

And where better than Switzerland – a global crossroads located in the heart of Europe, and home to the open and inspiring learning environment of IMD’s beautiful campus.
IMD shares its host nation's commitment to excellence while offering a truly global experience. We are intellectually and culturally diverse, with no single dominant nationality. Just look at the numbers:

  • Executives from 98 countries come to IMD each year
  • 100,000+ alumni are members of 49 clubs around the world
  • 34 different nationalities are represented in the IMD Faculty and staff

Our top-ranking programs bring together an incredibly diverse mix of global managers – maybe even the most diverse mix you will ever meet.


Top European Business SchoolsTop European business schools must have a deep understanding of the constantly evolving global business environment and all its challenges – and then provide solutions. How else can they create value and impact?

At IMD, all our executive education programs focus on real-world business challenges faced by individuals, teams and organizations. We don’t just stay on top of the latest business trends – we collaborate with our clients to resolve real business issues. We do so through a unique Real Learning Real Impact approach which stems from our ongoing partnerships with leading international companies. Our Faculty carries out agenda-setting research and shares their thought-leadership in the classroom. This practical, problem-solving approach is how we boost performance, maximize impact and drive long-term success – for executives and companies alike.


Top European Business SchoolsTop European business schools are distinct in their organization. Some, for example, rely on a traditional academic structure with faculty hierarchy, departments and tenure systems.
IMD is different – with clear benefits. Our campus on the shores of Lake Geneva may feel very “school”… but in fact we are a self-owned foundation without the constraints of university structures and academic processes. We are non-dogmatic and have no national agenda – we are just 100% focused on real-world executive development. Our only goal is to serve our clients as quickly, flexibly and effectively as possible – and so enable the development of successful global leaders.

Top European business schools. We’ve broken it down. Now if you put it back together, you’ll see what makes IMD one of the very best of the bunch.

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