The top business schools in the world are, not surprisingly, the best places for quality executive education. By attending a program at such a school, you can be confident you’ll gain the very best leadership and management training as well as the latest insights and tools for managing complex business challenges.

But how do you make sure this is really what you’re getting? What sets a school apart and puts it among the top business schools in the world?

Who decides who's best?

Top Business Schools in the WorldIndependent, reputable sources like the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist, that’s who. With a firm finger on the pulse of international business, these respected publications investigate the best business schools in the world and assess which offer the top executive education programs. These published rankings provide extremely valuable information for motivated individuals and organizations looking for the best business management training and leadership development programs.

IMD: leading the top business schools in the world

Year after year, such rankings place IMD not just among the top 10 business schools, but at the top of the top. For example:

  • First in open programs worldwide (Financial Times 2019)
  • First in executive education outside the US (Financial Times 2019)
  • Number one MBA program in Europe (Bloomberg Businessweek Global MBA ranking, 2018)
  • Only non- US business school in global top 10 (Bloomberg Businessweek Global MBA ranking, 2018)

Just what makes IMD so good?

Top Business Schools in the WorldWhat do the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist see in IMD that ensures its solid position among the top business schools in the world? It boils down to three key factors that make IMD truly special:

1. 100% focus on real-world executive education

A pioneer in executive education, IMD is 100% focused on executive development. All our programs and services focus on real-world challenges faced by executives, and everything we do is geared towards developing global leaders. We collaborate with you - as an individual, team or organization - to resolve real business issues, build capabilities and prepare for the future.

2. Swiss excellence with a unique global perspective

We share our host nation’s commitment to excellence while offering a unique global experience. Indeed, in today’s constantly evolving and increasingly interdependent international marketplace, a global outlook is a critical quality of the top business schools in the world.

IMD’s main campus is in Lausanne, Switzerland – the heart of Europe – and we also operate out of key locations worldwide. With no dominant nationality, IMD is intellectually and culturally diverse. Not only are our Faculty members from the world over, but 8,000 executives from 98 countries come to IMD every year! A global perspective is intrinsic to every IMD program.

3. We are flexible, customized and effective in our approach

Top Business Schools in the WorldEach individual’s or company’s needs are unique. And tomorrow’s challenges are not the same as yesterday’s. That’s why at IMD, we collaborate with our clients to provide flexible, personalized executive programs. We innovate continually to give our clients the training they need, when and how they need it. Our only goal is to help you as quickly, flexibly and effectively as possible, by being one of the best business schools in the world.

So...are you ready?

Join IMD’s open and inspiring programs – and challenge your perspectives, expand your horizons and unlock your full potential at one of the top business schools in the world!


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