Top 10 Business Schools

The top 10 business schools are an ideal start-point when you’re looking for the best business school for your leadership and management training. But who decides which are the best business schools in the world– and how?

Independent evaluation

Each year, independent, reputable sources like the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist rate accredited business management schools to identify the top 10 business schools - both overall and in different subcategories, such as MBA, EMBA, executive education, European business schools, and leadership. So you won’t see just one list of “top 10 business schools”, you’ll also see “top 10 business schools for open programs”, “top 10 business schools for MBAs” and even “top 10 business schools for leadership”.

Within each category, various factors are compared, such as career progress; diversity; professors’ research output; and more. In general, data are gathered through surveys of the schools, graduates and recruiters, as well as by evaluation of the number of professors’ publications in selected industry journals.

Top 10 Business SchoolsThe better rankings organizations use precise methodology designed by expert surveyors to identify the top business schools in the world. Hundreds of schools qualify to be evaluated. Many get knocked off the list due to insufficient data. The rest fall into rank – and 10 will be called the top 10 business schools.


The qualitative picture: IMD’s story behind the rankings

IMD business school is consistently placed at the top of the top 10 business schools for executive education programs. These rankings reflect IMD’s relentless drive to develop the world’s best global leaders. A pioneer in executive education, IMD stays on top because it constantly innovates to offer executives and companies the management training courses they need, when and how they need them.

Top 10 Business SchoolsSome of the innovative features of IMD business leadership training include:

  • A 100% focus on executive education
  • A truly global perspective – 8,000 executives from 98 countries attend each year
  • Flexible programs that address your challenges
  • Immediate value - learning that’s usable on the job, right away
  • Real-life learning - company-based projects, experiential learning, discovery trips, cutting-edge case studies, simulations and more
  • A focus on human behavior - developing self-aware leaders ready for any situation
  • Leadership coaching and executive business coaching to fine-tune your leadership style
  • Life-long learning – so you retain benefits and continue to grow even years after attending IMD, one of the world’s top 10 business schools.

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