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  • The Financial Times acknowledged IMD as one of the best institutions in the world for executive education and open programs.
  • Our Building On Talent program is 100% committed to developing leaders through high-impact executive education.
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Find how IMD's Building On Talent program will develop your skills!

Real world, Real LearningReal Learning, Real Impact is the driving principle behind IMD’s winning approach to executive education. IMD is 100% focused on developing global leaders for the real business world. Theory and academic pursuits may be favoured by some management training schools, but IMD’s Real Learning, Real Impact programs are designed to deliver relevant knowledge that will both boost your own skills and the fortunes of your company.

What Real Learning, Real Impact is all about

IMD understands business because it is run like a business itself with a relentlessly practical and problem-solving agenda. One of the top business schools in the world, IMD constantly updates its programs and innovates learning strategies to meet the evolving needs of executives and their companies. Its Real Learning, Real Impact programs are rooted in actionable training that you can immediately put to use. IMD collaborates with top managers and companies to resolve real issues, build capabilities and prepare for the future. IMD implements flexible, high-impact techniques to provide the programs executives need, when and how they need them.

Features of IMD’s high-impact executive education include:

  • Business management training from thought leaders at the forefront of management research who are also plugged into the real business world
  • Personalized executive business coaching to hone leadership skills
  • International participants who contribute to IMD’s stimulating learning environment and networking activities
  • Tailored programs for company teams
  • Hands-on learning opportunities that deliver rapid results


...Swiss excellence coupled with a global perspective
Real world, Real LearningWith a campus on the shores of Lake Geneva and hubs in key locations elsewhere in the world, IMD fosters the kind of educational excellence you would expect from a Swiss institution. But it is also imbued with a global perspective. IMD’s management training programs attract a diverse, international group of talented executives ready to challenge each other. IMD’s faculty is equally diverse: experts who offer penetrating insights into the increasingly inter-connected global marketplace. The Real Learning, Real Impact approach means delivering a better understanding of global trends and the way they are shaping your company’s future.

Programs that are...

...Flexible, customized and effective
In a world of economic uncertainty, top managers and companies are demanding much more from executive education programs. Experienced business leaders know the value of going beyond the management fundamentals and the importance of stepping back from the day-to-day routine to re-examine their roles. But IMD understands that pursuing an executive training program is not always easy when you have a demanding job. That ‘s why it offers a range of Real Learning, Real Impact programs that allow you to reach your full potential with minimal time away from the office. State-of-the-art distance learning techniques and company-specific assignments are among the ways that allow executives to stay connected with their business while learning new skills.

Makes sense to choose a school that is...

...Among the best in the world
Real world, Real LearningIMD is one of the most highly regarded international business schools in the world. That’s no idle statement. Independent, authoritative sources such as Forbes, Business Week, The Economist and the Financial Times have consistently placed it among the top schools for business management anywhere. The Financial Times in 2019 ranked IMD first for executive education outside the US for the sixth year in a row - as well as best worldwide for open programs in 2019. The rankings are one place you can look for assurance about the reputation of a school to deliver. IMD has consistently scored well, one more indication of the positive outcomes to be gained from its focus on Real Learning, Real Impact.

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Find how IMD's Building On Talent program will develop your skills!

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