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Executive Coaching Programs

Executive coaching programs are becoming increasingly popular with ambitious executives who want to perfect their leadership skills and capacity to drive business results. Are you wondering if executive leadership coaching and executive business coaching are really all they're cracked up to be? Want to know how to find a good executive career coach? Looking for the right time and place to get the most out of executive coaching? Then read our Q & A on executive coaching programs:

Q. What are executive coaching programs (and are they really worth it)?

Executive Coaching ProgramsAnswer: Executive coaching programs aim to improve your overall leadership and management effectiveness. In a supportive environment, you step back and examine your role in group dynamics and your leadership style. An executive coaching consultant observes- perceptively and impartially -your behaviour in leadership exercises and simulations. They then help you see what parts of your own leadership skills and style you should hone to advantage, and what weaker points to address.

Their specific, expert feedback and guidance will help you begin to get the "feel" for your authentic leadership. This is the defining value of executive coaching programs- the work you do with your executive career coach is personalized to your style and your needs, so you can walk away a higher-impact leader.

Q. Isn't leadership something that should come naturally?

Executive Coaching ProgramsAnswer: Many people will call a charismatic person a "natural leader" but this is very limited definition of leadership. Executive coaching programs focus on helping you learn to lead in a way that is natural to you - because you have your own unique blend of leadership skills. What's more, executive leadership isn't just about getting your team to follow you. A good leader targets clear business goals, and envisions and implements appropriate strategies. Leadership coaching teaches you to better assess interpersonal dynamics in business situations then leverage your best skills to lead with winning strategies.

Q. I'm an experienced executive - surely I don't need executive coaching programs?

Executive Coaching ProgramsAnswer: Star athletes don't give up coaches when they're at the top. It's no different for business leadership. You'll have new challenges and greater pressures as you climb the ranks. Your old roadblocks to leadership can have a bigger impact. Executive coaching programs offer you new perspectives and the chance to focus your skills development on those finer points that need addressing.

Q. When would I want to take executive coaching programs?

Executive Coaching ProgramsAnswer: Executive coaching programs are a great benefit at any time in your career. An executive career coach can help you be better prepared for a particular challenge like a critical project, a promotion or a career transition. You may also want to work on specific skills gaps that you've come to recognize, such as conflict management or team motivation. Many entrepreneurs in particular find that executive coaching programs can help them complement their skills to move from great ideas to business general management.

Q. Where can I find quality executive coaching programs?

Executive Coaching ProgramsAnswer: Not surprisingly, the top business schools in the world offer excellent executive coaching. If you look at independent rankings from publishers like the Financial Times, Forbes, and The Economist, you're likely to find business schools that know executive coaching best – they are the forerunners who first saw the value of coaching. They select the most skilled executive coaching consultants to work within their management training courses and leadership development programs, or in standalone executive coaching programs.

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