Execution leadership means having a strategic mindset and the leadership skills to perform a function, implement a process or execute a project. Having strong skills in this area can be the defining factor in meeting objectives for long-term business performance, particularly in a tough global economy. If you're looking to strengthen your skills in execution leadership, the top business schools in the world offer a number of high-impact executive education programs, both general and specific to particular executive function roles. Let's have a look at three types of executive programs that may be your route to improved execution leadership.

Firstly, you should really consider....

1. Function-oriented execution leadership programs

Execution LeadershipBusinesses of all sizes depend on numerous different functions - HR, accounting, marketing, IT, sales and finance to name a few. All of these require strong management and leadership skills to perform optimally, along with the specific skills required of the role. These various functional divisions, it goes without saying, are as critical to business success as the general management roles.

If you are a function leader interested in improving your execution leadership skills, why not consider an executive education program that targets the specific leadership skills you depend on to execute your projects? From finance courses to marketing classes, from human resources education to an operations leadership program - whatever your function, you can look to good business schools for training programs to develop your execution leadership skills in the specific context of your functional role.

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2. General management training

Execution LeadershipExecution leadership is also critical for general management executives, particularly those looking to move into more senior leadership positions. Top international business schools are your best bet for management training programs that integrate learning to hone your execution leadership skills. Far beyond the traditional classroom learning or the so-called "management toolkit", these schools use techniques that ensure you develop execution leadership skills that will truly impact your performance. For example, they may include leadership exercises where you work with your classmates in simulation exercises - you can use and experiment with your true execution leadership style in a safe environment.

Leadership coaching is used to help you perfect the style that's right for you. An executive coaching consultant is a professional who can not only spot your best leadership skills (and the techniques that aren't right for you), but also help you gain awareness of them in order to further develop these skills. Finally, international business schools expose you to real world situations of execution leadership.

Finally, if you're ready...

3. Executive MBA and 1-year mba programs

Execution LeadershipTo perfect your execution leadership to take on the highest level of global management, consider an executive mba or 1-year mba. Although they use many of the same techniques as general management training, such as leadership exercises and leadership coaching, these longer programs, of course, require a greater investment. Yet if you aim to lead in the challenging international business environment, these programs will give you greater depth of full-range leadership skills development.

In MBA execution leadership training, you will confront the most large-scale challenges that senior executives must face. Specifically with regard to execution leadership, this means putting it into a broader context and learning to lead within that. You will learn to center in on critical goals, even within a large-scale scenario; identify the best strategies to reach those goals; and grow the leadership skills necessary to motivate your team towards reaching them. You will also understand how to measure progress throughout execution and support accountability. As with shorter-term executive education, top international business schools will offer the most innovative managers training and necessary global perspectives for real-world, high-impact preparation in execution leadership.

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