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Executive training and development programs are an essential complement to learning through day-to-day operational experience. The nature of current business environment is extremely complex, demanding innovative solutions to heterogeneous business issues. Expecting to acquire all the required skills and knowledge in the workplace is not realistic. Thus, it is imperative to boost your personal performance - and that of your company - through appropriate training and development programs that can help you thrive in today's global business setting.

In the sea of management training courses, leadership programs and business classes available, how can you identify the right one for you? Here are few suggestions on how to pinpoint suitable training and development programs that will ensure your personal and professional development.

Identify your needs

Knowing what you need at a particular point of your professional development is a big part of figuring out which training and development program is right for you. Ask yourself: what skills do I wish to develop, in which areas, and to what end? Is it accounting, finance or industry-specific knowledge that I'm after, or a global overview? Do I need to strengthen my leadership skills? Am I looking to improve performance in my current position, or to build knowledge and skills in order to move up in my career? Training and development programs will only create value for your professional success if you are fully aware of your current and future needs.

Find the right program

Even once you've identified your needs, there will still be a lot of different training and development programs to choose from. To help narrow down the choice, look first for programs offered by reputable business management schools. Those focused on participants' specific needs will have the highest potential to deliver value for money. These programs are usually administered by business schools that understand the value of a personalized and flexible approach to executive education.

Once you have shortlisted programs that match your needs, it becomes imperative to do further research on the program's curriculum, its faculty and approach to executive education. While some corporate executive programs offer more traditional classroom experience, innovate executive programs rely more heavily on case studies, group work and learning by doing. Most importantly, speaking to the program's alumni is critical to understanding the added value of different training and development programs. The real value of business management training is two-fold. It comes from gaining in-depth industry and functional knowledge combined with an expanded global network, which comes from the course's participants, their expertise and global experiences.

Operating in today's global business environment requires an innovative approach to business solutions and professional development. The latter is a function of valuable professional experience and quality executive education. Without the right training and development programs it is difficult to imagine how current business leaders can gain new insights and drive change. Providing effective leadership in business and beyond requires innovative thinking that can be acquired through training and development programs.


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