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Young managers can boost their leadership effectiveness through a successful talent development program. But not every talent development program delivers the same high-impact training. Even among the best schools for business management, only a small handful excels in high-impact executive education.

A well-designed talent development program helps forward-thinking managers who already have demonstrated their ability and who want to become more compelling leaders. Such programs boost your capacity to lead individuals, teams and large groups with authority, trust and conviction. You should be able to focus on the core skills you need to consistently perform at a high level.  This involves discovering more about your leadership roots, diagnosing your tasks as a leader and charting a path that ensures you can inspire and persuade others to do better.

Here are a few pointers on what to look for in a talent development program that will truly hone your leadership skills and give you the knowledge and tools to take the next step in your career.

Getting the most out of you

Management leadership training is becoming more important for executives facing an increasingly complex business environment. The responses of the past in many cases no longer meet the needs of today and tomorrow. You may be challenged to flex your influence with more impact and to manage change and complexity with greater conviction. Even seasoned business leaders face pressures to enhance and expand their leadership skills.

An effective talent development program can help you meet such challenges with confidence. Look for a program where you can learn to communicate a clear, “playing-to-win” strategy for your organization. Also look for one that teaches you how to leverage your strengths and how to focus your mind for success. Such mental preparation is what successful business leaders, world-class athletes, outstanding musicians and renowned artists all have in common.

Developing the right mindset

Understanding the mindset of high-performance leaders is one of the keys to improving the way you lead. By studying critical patterns for success and analyzing leadership success stories — as well as the failures — you can improve your own leadership style. A talent development program should offer a variety of methods to help you influence those you interact with more powerfully. Negotiation skills training, for example, can improve your communications skills, your ability to persuade others and your competence to manage conflict. Becoming a better negotiator at all levels and understanding how to avoid being held hostage to other individuals and predicaments will make you a stronger leader.

Challenging your belief systems

You stand to gain most from management leadership training that challenges your belief systems and your previous success. The best programs are no less than life-changing. In addition to faculty lectures and classroom discussions, look for executive leadership training courses that offer learning techniques such as:

  • Self-awareness and visualization exercises
  • Hands-on practice and role-playing
  • Intense interaction with other participants
  • Coaching from experts, individually and in small groups
  • Intense individual feedback

Meeting your unique needs

The best executive development programs address real-world business needs that best help executives - and provide the best return on investment. Business schools that collaborate with executives and companies to develop leadership programs will deliver programs tailored to meet your needs. You should also expect to receive action plans that you can use on a personal level and to guide your organization. These are just a few of the hallmarks of a great talent development program.

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