Organizational development certificate programs

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Organizational development certificate programs are a great way for corporate learning managers to hone their skills to ensure that their corporate training strategy is a strong contributor to their company’s growth. Good programs will help corporate training managers gain insights into the latest learning trends and techniques, critically assess their current strategies, and apply their new knowledge to the talent management training challenges of their company.

But, as no-one knows better than a training manager, executive education programs are only as good as their results. Here are some thoughts on the take-home value you should expect from high quality organizational development certificate programs.

Let's get started...Benchmark your corporate training offer

Good organizational development certificate programs start with giving you the tools to assess your current learning function. They provide a framework to critically assess whether individual courses and the structure as a whole are aligned with the company’s management development needs - and if this is recognized and supported in the organization.

Good business schools will always begin a talent development program with this essential base starting point to put executive education in context. Programs at IMD - one of the top business schools in the world - often use pre-program work to ensure this base.

This is critical: Get in the know on the latest strategies

Organizational Development Certificate ProgramsIt is crucial for organizational development certificate programs to review leading practices in program and portfolio design. Learning leaders use this knowledge to fine-tune and ensure the quality of their in-house management training programs.

It’s important for corporate training leaders to connect business and strategy with education and training. This enables them to align corporate learning and corporate strategy to develop and implement successful learning strategies to impact business growth. Organisational development certificate programs should therefore also give participants insights into the operational context.

By now you'll have realized that you still need to learn to market your corporate training

Effective organizational development certificate programs take a direct approach to marketing and branding the learning function and its offer. Why? Because perception plays a key role in the success of a corporate training offer.

In some cases, the training manager must work uphill - fighting against old thinking that management training programs are just a time-out for employees without any direct impact on business performance. Good organisational development certificate programs will use techniques like leadership coaching and leadership exercises to give training leaders the tools to better convince key stakeholders of the direct value of corporate training.

Finally, get new tools for your specific challenges

Organizational Development Certificate ProgramsBusiness management courses for senior learning leaders at good business schools have the program design for lasting impact. The training manager should leave with refreshed skills to build and implement talent management training that contributes visibly to the company’s business performance.

Organisational development certificate programs should offer the chance to identify and attack specific challenges as an integral part of the program. And to ensure lasting results, good business schools take it a step further by helping learning leaders keep an ongoing connection to best practices, even as these evolve in the ever more challenging global business environment. IMD has a creative way to meet this need: a corporate learning community for learning leaders to share tools and best practices even after their participation in organizational development certificate programs.

Looking for a Organizational Development Program from a Top-Ranked Business School?

Use our interactive Program Finder to find the best executive development program for you!


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