Human Resources Education and Training

Human resources education and training for senior learning leaders is one of the best investments any organization can make.

Why? Because, especially in a tight economy, it’s the people power of an organization that drives business growth - and empowering employees starts with empowering those who deliver talent management training. HR learning professionals need to stay connected to develop and implement successful learning strategies for their organizations. Let’s look at 5 ways organizations win with human resources education and training.

WIN #1: Connecting business, strategy, education and training

Good human resources education and training is the ultimate “train the trainer”: it gives clear insights into the operational environment and the right education and training to meet organizational challenges. By staying up-to-date and being able to connect education and training with business strategy, the corporate training manager guarantees alignment of corporate learning with corporate strategy for a direct impact on business results.

WIN #2: Talent management training

Senior learning leaders are often among the most visible people in their organizations. Talented, driven staff members look to them for advice on management training programs to hone their skills. But if learning leaders aren’t effective influencers who inspire confidence, those motivated individuals will look elsewhere for their management skills training (and their careers).

With human resources education and training, corporate training managers can learn to better influence key stakeholders to ensure organizational benefits through effective talent management training.

WIN #3: Networking for best practices

With their increasingly complex roles, corporate learning professionals must stay on top of the latest developments in adult learning and the technology that supports it. Strong understanding of leading tools and practices will help them offer high-quality internal management training programs. IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, has even implemented a corporate learning community so learning leaders can continue share best practices and tools even after taking human resources education and training.

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