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Digital Transformation

Digital TransformationDigital transformation training courses should be a priority for any organization seeking better performance in a business environment that is rapidly being reshaped by the Internet. By capitalizing on the use of the latest digital technologies and employing an effective digital transformation strategy, your company can flourish.

By contrast, businesses that fail to undertake digital transformation risk floundering. The impact of the digital revolution is already being keenly felt in the marketplace. Established enterprises without a digital business strategy in place are falling to the wayside, losing market share and seeing their value proposition crumble.

What, me worry?

Despite the warning signs, the number of established companies taking proactive steps for digital transformation remains a minority. Surveys show that many business managers either do not acknowledge the threat posed by competitors that use digital technologies effectively or they have simply not addressed it.

How to prepare for digital transformation

It's not too late to take corrective action. As an executive, you can gain valuable leadership skills in digital transformation from one of the top business schools in the world. An effective digital business transformation course will prepare you to develop a comprehensive plan to embrace digital change at every level of your organization.    

Having the right digital technologies in place is not enough. To gain the optimum payback from digital transformation you need a clear digital business strategy, the right organizational change and the acquisition of new leadership competencies.

What you can expect to learn

Digital TransformationYou can expect the best digital transformation courses to advise you on the ideal digital strategy to leverage competitive advantage for your company. You should learn how to adapt your organization and operations to take advantage of digital opportunities and to reduce digital threats.

Good digital transformation programs will teach you how to identify new digital technologies that will impact your business. It should help you find new products and markets that can be accessed through digital technologies. As well, you can expect expert guidance on how to foster the right capabilities to support digital change in your company.

Who can benefit from digital transformation training courses?

Senior business managers and leaders from a variety of areas can take advantage of digital transformation training. Whether you are in marketing, operations, IT or strategy, you should be able to gain the information you need to drive digital business transformation at all levels of your organization.

Look for such leadership training to empower executives from traditional industries to respond to such challenges as:

  • Competing with companies, like Google and Amazon, that were “born on the web”
  • Getting maximum use out of digital innovations such as analytics and mobile solutions
  • Successfully steering toward greater innovation and digitalization
  • Determining whether digital technologies offer an opportunity, pose a threat or both
  • Knowing that the organization needs to become more digital while lacking the know-how

Getting the most from digital tools

Digital TransformationA batch of digital innovations that many business leaders do not fully understand is changing the dynamics of business competition at warp speed. Not everyone completely grasps the implications of big data, analytics, cloud computing, mobile solutions, social media and the Internet of Things.

The right digital transformation leadership courses can demystify these innovations and show how they can be applied to boost your company's business performance. Being immersed in the latest digital trends can help you discover new ways to add value to your organization, as well as finding new business opportunities and customers. This is just one more advantage to be gained from executive education focused on digital transformation.

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Discover how IMD's Digital Transformation Programs can boost your competitive advantage. Download the (NEW) program brochure now.

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