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It’s time to regenerate the global food system

IbyIMD+ Published 20 May 2021 in Sustainability • 5 min read

Around 70% of the natural world has been destroyed by food production in the past 50 years, but the race is on to reverse the trend

  If you are looking for sectors likely to see both deep disruption and exponential progress as we move through the 2020s, there is no better place to look for clues as to how tomorrow’s Regenerative Economy will operate than the closely linked farming, food, nutrition, and health sectors.  This massive commercial nexus is not just the source of many of our current “Black Swan” challenges, taking us exponentially where we don’t want to go, but also the locus of some of the biggest “Green Swan” solutions, potentially taking us exponentially where we do want to go.  It’s easy to overlook the sheer scale of the global food and agricultural industry, but in 2018 it was valued at around $8.7 trillion, or about 10% of world GDP at the time. And this immense scale is reflected in the sector’s contribution to problems such as water stress,…
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