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Seven trends that will affect the future of marketing

Published 14 April 2021 in Strategy • 4 min read

From the opportunities presented by digital marketing to the hazards of failing to grasp that brand transparency is now a crucial marketing asset, here are seven trends that are increasingly impacting your marketing strategy.  


I was recently asked what I think will define the future of marketing. Trying to predict the future is always a risky thing to do; most of us are terrible at it. But if I had to bet on what the near term will hold, I would put my money on the following seven trends. 


Your organization will be working on addressing some of them now and those that you are unaware of should be tackled with urgency to keep your value proposition, relevant and, above all, to remain aware of where potential pitfalls may lie.  


1. There will be increasing complexity in consumer purchasing decisions 

Consumers use all kinds of media to make shopping decisions, from YouTube to Facebook, and it’s never been harder to categorize them according to their purchasing…

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