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How can you build an inclusive workplace?

IbyIMD+ Published 3 June 2021 in Strategy • 5 min read

Equity, Inclusion & Diversity is a space in a constant state of evolution, says co-founder of Workplace Pride, the international platform for LGBTQ+ inclusion at work. Networks and resources are places to focus.

David Bach: What does an inclusive workplace look like?

Marion Mulder: Looks aren’t everything – it’s more a feeling that is not always easy to identify using a checklist. In an inclusive workplace you feel at home and appreciate each other’s differences rather than see them as a nuisance.  Companies that have truly inclusive workplaces often pride themselves on their tolerance and diversity, and have it engrained in their corporate culture. In other words, an inclusive workplace feels like home. What is easier to describe, however, is a workplace that isn’t inclusive – where you feel left out or unsafe. Bullying and micro-aggressions are not always visible, for example, but if you take a closer look, they are often hiding just beneath the surface.  

Bach: Togeth…

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